Monday, November 19, 2012

Only one thing sets us free...

I'm not good at getting my guitar hours in on Mondays. 

Shoot it's just Monday, for some reason I thought it felt like a Wednesday. I'm just sort of zonked from my classes again, but I am proud of everything I got done today. First of all, I'm really starting to get these Chapter 15 equations on shares, so that's a major bonus to this alone time that I've had. I've been getting so much done these past few days, even if it's felt like a lonely road. Everything happens for a reason, I can't fight or force things.

Let's see, what I got done today--
1. Did my LAST legal assignment (Chapter 19)
2. A lot of flashcard studying for accounting...
3. Did really well on my Chapter 15 assignment after finishing that up this afternoon...

..What I really need to do is math. I just don't get it very well right now, Montgomery is going to help us out tomorrow so I printed out my homework assignments to practice during the class hour tomorrow. I'm really hoping that goes well, I don't want to end badly in that class but I'm having a bit of trouble in our current chapter.

Something else that's interesting-- I talked to Hannah B. for the first time in years. I actually came across her facebook a little earlier but didn't feel quite comfortable adding her when we hadn't talked in so long so I was  pretty stoked when she added me to see what she'd been up too since she left the tri cities. She appears to be doing really well, she looks pretty! I remember back in middle school she was "emo." That feels like such a long time ago now.

It's really nice, I've recently come in contact with a lot of people that I never was particularly friends with back in school.. Like now that we're all out of school none of what happened or how we might have perceived eachother at the time matters when we've all grown up so much and found our own lives... I try to see the good in everyone, though some people I'd rather not communicate with. Sometimes even if I wouldn't want to communicate with someone I just like them on my friends list to occasionally see what they're up too... shh.

I'm excited to go home, I plan to go after I get a good portion of my math done tomorrow. My parents would like me to take care of my doctor's appointments early in the week so we don't have to deal with them that weekend. I'm going to be so relieved to finally get some of this taken care of and see a professional about my panic attacks. It's been about a month since they've started.


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