Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's yell in the hallway like highschool.

Today's been quite a typical Wednesday.

The kind where I know I have the entire next day to get work done but I'm still contemplating if I should get some of that work done tonight. My brain always feels fried after my business classes. It's four hours of extremely dry material, what can I say.

I never really watched Fresh prince, but I enjoyed this meme enough to save this picture last night... 

I'm starting to sort of get the hang of Chapter 12. A guy came to deliver the new stupid accounting textbooks that we've been waiting on since the beginning of the quarter. He asked us if we preferred these new "custom" text books or the original textbooks, and almost everyone in class agreed that they'd rather pay a higher amount up front and being able to sell it back later.  Apparently this wasn't the answer this textbook sales guy was looking for, he stormed off after he realized he wasn't going to change our minds that the new textbooks suck. I mean we wouldn't of had this problem had we had the whole textbook in the first place. Anyway, I've now got my NEW accounting text book, with Chapter 15 that looks like it's almost all formulas.... whew!

Formulas are easy, I've just got to write down the formulas and practice them with flash cards over and over.  I just added that to my goal board for this week.

I had an odd run in with Jared today. I was sitting outside my law class and he walked by, not noticing me sitting there initially. I'm like, "Jared?" and he turned and immediately responded "I just texted you!!" I'm like, "What? No you didn't." He just kept walking, yelling back "YES I did!"

....What the Hell, how old are we, in highschool? ...Oh yeah. He texted me saying "Heyy" tonight, I responded Hello and I don't think he knows what to say. Lol. Yeah, very silly for him to be yelling at me in the business building where it's typically pretty quiet.... There's sometimes open classroom doors. That and I'm pretty sure it was an outright lie. Granted it's a white lie, but still, when it was so blatant and lame like, What? 

Katelynn's going to call me here in a few minutes when she finishes her pizza lunchable. The past week has been weird... every day here is a story for me, I swear. Someday I'm going to be so happy I wrote these entries so I can reflect on all the crazy crap I dealt with.


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