Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Awkward Couch story

Wow, I would have to say this is my favorite drawing I've completed yet.
My second favorite is a tie between the drawing of Delegacy and Myth. 

The drawing of Myth that I did was actually one of my first I did. It's beginning to feel a little old considering the number of drawings I've completed since, but there's something I really love about this one (*which is why it's my page icon).

Speaking of which, I don't know if I'd previously mentioned on here, I made a page to upload my art. 


I figured it would be best to make a separate location where people can "like" my art without necessarily "liking" me. 

So it's getting late but you know what I'm dying to talk about, right? 

Kyle showed up to class today and talked to me this morning!! (yay!) ...It was funny, he did seem a little out of it. I'll write out of the conversation:
He's like, "Hey!! What did you do this weekend?"
Me: "Ehh not much, got a lot of work done, and jammed with my neighbors in the front yard.."
Then Kyle's like, "Woah, that's awesome! The weather was so nice this weekend and me and my buddies..." okay I think he said "made a firepit" or something but he could of meant BBQ'd..
Then get this, he outright tells me: "Man I'm sorry I'm kinda out of it, last night me we made this pie out of hash butter and lets just say I slept reaally good last night...." I can seriously just imagine the look on my face when he was telling me this... Pause. "So uh, what'd you do this weekend?"

I cracked up that he asked me twice but of course I didn't say anything because I didn't want to seem like some anal bitch. Carbaugh was telling the class to sit down anyway so the conversation ended. I still don't know Kyle's last name so I don't know anything about him. That's kind of fun, I'd like to say I'll keep facebook out of this as long as possible but if it allows me the opportunity to talk to him before I get my cell bill paid I might cave. 

We'll see. 

The awkward couch story: 

How could Michael G. possibly create 

Today I was really proactive about studying more R today and got together with Michael to go over some syntax alongside this military dude from class. His name is Devin, he just got accepted into the airforce. Seems like a smart enough dude. Anyway he, Michael and I were all sitting together side by side in the library with our laptops on this couch that's.... probably best suited for two people. And Michael kept on naming all of his variables these names like "dicks" and "cocks" and "butts". 

And referring to them out loud like, "Yes, now we are going to plot the residuals of cocks using the formula plot (dickslog$log.cocks,residuals....)" I was just cracking up even if it was the stupidest sh*t. Michael is great, period. 


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy to finally meet you

Evening, it's 9:07 pm. I'm sitting here drinking coffee waiting for my friend Michael to get here so we can do the forecasting homework.

I've had an interesting week so far. I had my finance test on Monday, which as you guys know I spent all weekend studying for. Unfortunately I put too much emphasis on studying one of the later two chapters and not enough time on the first two and neglected to write down a few of the chapter 2 equations on my notecard. When I realize the mistake I'd made I felt frustrated but what can you do. I picked up enough points to get above a C, which was my goal. I got a 72%.

My friend Daniel who seems to be really getting this material got an 80. I know I should really try to study with him or Kevin P. before the next test. I was able to see my cumulative grade in the class. I have a 74%, and I'm pretty much the exact mean/median of the class scores. I am totally fine with that. Granted that means I am going to work a lot harder on these next chapters and try to be cautious of not accidentally skipping material for the next test.

On Monday I skipped forecasting to study for my finance test and finish some assignment that I'd neglected to type over the weekend. When I was waiting outside for class to begin the guy I'd been catching glances with these passed couple weeks walked up. He's flashed the prettiest smile and was like, "Hey!! I'm so happy to finally meet you!"

Okay I don't know if he meant to say that but if he did it means I hadn't imagined it and he was noticing me these past couple weeks. We made some quick small talk before class. He seems intelligent and easy to talk too. His name's Kyle and he's a double major in econ and finance. He told me he'd been at CWU since Freshman year and that his first quarters here he had a 0.9 GPA from partying too much. Kind of cracked me up that he laid that on the line immediately like that. But to have gotten to this point he's obviously improved a lot.

I don't know what his last name is, where he's from or what he's into but I want to get to know him. I'm hoping he'll ask for my digits but we shall seeeee..... lol.

I've been getting back into metal and the guitar lately. I started really learning Domination last night by Pantera and it sounds good. I need to get back to my roots and play things that I enjoy playing instead of just the hardest shit possible. When I'm exercising I listen to a lot of Pantera so I can really hear those guitar licks in my head.

I also really love this song by symphony x. If you like symphonic metal you should give this a listen...

Love is a tragedy
All that I have, all that I'll ever need

Is right here inside


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get some ambition, why you bored

Evening. It's 10 pm.

This week I worked really hard... Monday and Tuesday I studied 3.5 hours and I finished my finance homework early (granted it was quite easy and now I have the dubious task of studying the other three chapters for the test this weekend). My first Finance test is next Monday and Carbaugh's test is on Tuesday. This weekend I'm going to be studying a lot. At least I'll get to sleep in. Getting up at 8 every day is the pits (ha ha).

My friend Michael G. really would make an incredible professor. He came over last night and walked me through R from the very beginning. He taught me how to assign variables, make graphs, constrict data, format the axis... I was so happy to get that help because I was starting to get really lost. I plan to play around with R again this weekend. My next assignment for forecasting doesn't require coding so that was somewhat of a relief. We're learning about judgmental forecasting and the limitations and biases of the human brain. Business college has really taught me to think more critically and logically.

Today I did slack, though. When I got home from classes I took a nap and ate a really crappy lunch. I accidentally burnt the chicken nuggets and fries I was making and they came out pretty flavorless. I feel antsy so I went to the gym until around 6'. It's always a nice stress relief but I rarely feel like studying afterward.

I am going to work on Carbaugh multiple choice questions and watch Netflix until bed. My parents are coming up for Easter Sunday so I'm going to have to really clean my house before they get here. I think knowing I'm going to have a lot to do this weekend gave me permission to slack today.

Wow, this is only my third blog entry this month and it's the 17th, that's depressing. The amount of work that I'm having to do this quarter has made my leisure time more scarce. I've had to really put guitar and drawing on the back burner but when I do have time I'd rather be doing that and watching TV than writing.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To shred... it's only emotion!!!

Damn, this quarter has taken steam and I have barely had time to write...

Last week I didn't study enough. Studying was on the backburner as I was getting prepared for the career fair on Thursday. My resume and cover letters turned out pretty good. I used the format from Carbaugh's textbook exactly and it looks professional-- Sipic even said so today when I caught him on the fly and gave him an EARFUL about how much of a nightmare my classes were this quarter so far.

It's so stupid. Yes my classes are difficult but the reason why I've been feeling overwhelmed is I still haven't been proactive enough about my studying. I realize now that in order to do well in these higher level classes I'm going to have to work harder than ever before. And not only "work hard", but work strategically to ensure I study the CORRECT material for the tests.

Finance to me is insanely hard, it's going to take a strength of 5 men for me to pass that class. My first test is next monday and I'm already doing flashcards of the formulas and have read the chapters multiple times... It's just very difficult for me to apply what I'm learning in the book so I have to keep doing practice problems and hope to God I can get help from my friends

My friend Bobby M. doing what he loves, shredding and having a great f&%king time on stage. 

Having a taste for a LOT of Pantera lately I had no problem getting down to some of that really hardcore, rage metal. Especially after a few drinks, lol. 

This weekend was a success. I went home to do laundry, get money, get my finance homework done and see THE DRIP. I also got a chance to do an awesome drawing of Laura S. that I'm going to upload tomorrow. I spent a solid few hours on Saturday studying finance and only managed to finish 6 out of the 29 homework problems before I had to start getting ready. I was confused because I kept getting answers on certain concepts wrong and couldn't get why. I planned to do the rest tomorrow.

So I went to Ray's Golden Lion at 9 when the show started and ordered myself a drink. I was really surprised to have not seen anyone I knew there for quite some time-- aside from Bobby and Brandon C. who are both in the band so they  mingling all over and setting stuff up. So in the meantime while the other bands were playing and setting up in between I had no problem throwing back a couple drinks and bullshitting with a couple random drunk guys.

Like most metal shows most of the audience was men. There were some dark looking chicks there; the only one I recognized was this girl named Catherine who's picture was HUGE on the A Sharp guitar page when she became their 300th fan or something. Being a student with A Sharp is starting to feel like a distant memory. The longer I've been on this Spring quarter roller coaster the more I feel the timing was right.

By the time THE DRIP played I had a pretty good buzz going and had a blast headbanging and getting beat up a little by the passing moshpitters. No I was not *IN* the mosh pit (as I'd love to be in a group of people punching and pushing the shit out of eachother when you're in that state of adrenaline...... But then I remember that I'm a petite 22 year old girl) but enough to leave some good bruises

I needed that release of adrenaline so bad. I just wanted to get out, get drunk and go wild. It worked, I'm glad I did... even if I woke up the next day with the most horrible migraine of my life and had to sleep in until 2 to fully recover from it.

Alright it's bed time.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

No excuses or turning back now

OKAY, first week of school, second to last quarter, no doubt going to be the hardest one I've ever taken.... Here we go.

Two of my three professors (Wassell and Carbaugh) I've already taken so I know their lecture style and class format pretty well (especially Carbaugh, I'm pretty sure this is the fourth class I've taken with him so there's no surprises there). My finance professor Becker seems cool, her teaching style is a LOT like Sipic's, tons of asking the class questions and trying to make them think for themselves. 

She's a tiny lady, like she reminds me of Aunt Cheryl because I doubt she weighs over 115 pounds. I can tell she's a really smart, no BS kind of professor, and I'm going to have to do a lot of studying to do well in her class. I have too.. This class might have scared me last quarter but this quarter I'm facing it head on. 

Thus far my time management has been alright, could be better. I've read the first chapters of forecasting and finance this week and looked over some of the homework. It usually takes me a little longer to get back into the swing of things. I was also able to write down everything that I needed to get done this week assignments wise and will start tackling those today. 

This last week I continued to do art when I found time and completed a few more drawings. Last night while lying in bed I thought it would be a good idea to make a separate facebook page to showcase my work. I figured an external location would be beneficial, especially if I continue to develop my small sole proprietorship where a person could pay $20 for a guaranteed drawing if they chose too. 

Here's a pic of Alex Lukyanov, my friend from Russia that I've known for years now. I'm starting to experiment more with clothes, backdrops and props.

Here's a link to my page: https://www.facebook.com/emilysportraitstudio

Well that's all I've gotta say for now. Today is going to be spent doing schoolwork mainly. I let Marshall out this morning and here it is 1 pm again and he's still not back. Turns out he literally goes to all of my neighbors houses and meows to get let in, which is crazy. Drives me nuts how fearless he is. Yet he always manages to come home...