Friday, January 31, 2014

First 400 level test... shit's about to get real


Okay so, it's midnight... Again with this staying up super late. This night I'm going to make an improvement by trying to actually be asleep by 1:30 am. I know that doesn't sound like a major success but when you're like me and have been on this crazy routine where I'm eating the last meal of the day at 1 and finally getting to sleep at 3 am it's an improvement.... Last night I don't think I slept at all. Then I slept in until 1, actually got up at 2:30 pm, and felt like a complete sh*thead this morning for making zero improvement to my sleeping habits this week.
Six hours of studying and I'm still not 100% prepared....

Meh. Whatever, it is what it is. I have to think about what's important.

 Tomorrow I've got a big econ exam that since the beginning of this week have studied 6 1/2 hours for.  I'm planning on doing a few more before I go take the test... if things go right tomorrow morning that is and I'm able to actually get some sleep tonight like a normal person.

Guitar lessons went really well today. Jacob continues to be such an incredible inspiration for me. I was finally able to print Jacob's handtabbed Rondo alla Turca.. It's 6 pages long, he was able to transcribe the entire thing perfectly-- slurs, rests and all, on guitar pro for me in less than a week. He sent it to me last Thursday but I didn't get a chance to print it until yesterday but I did manage to get sufficient practice time before the lesson. He was impressed with the progress that I'd made on it so that made me happy, but he told me that this weekend when I come back to the tri cities I HAVE to get my strings re-set. He's going to refer me to a guy that could do it in 2 weeks for $50. 

You can see why I haven't done this yet. For me $50 is a lot of money considering I'm not earning any. The lessons are tough for me to pay for as it is and it seems like this Floyd Rose tremelo has cost me way more than it's worth from day 1. If I hadn't had the Floyd Rose on my guitar I could have changed the strings myself, saving me $30 every time I needed to change strings... And now I have to spend $50 to get the bridge adjusted. It's really stupid.

I think the bottom line is that I need a job. I've honestly made zero effort to find one because I've been so focused on this econ test. Tomorrow I plan to start looking after the test. I will come home to my apartment at around 2:15 pm, hopefully if things go right tomorrow morning feeling confident about the test and then I'll start the job search.

Alright talk to you guys later...


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why should I care, really.. People.

You know what I hate about facebook?

When you realize someone's deleted you. And I mean someone that you were in contact with over the past year and thought you were at least decent friends... Found out earlier tonight that Jason T. deleted me as a friend, one of the first people I met at Central. I realized this when I was showing his profile to my friend Michael when he mentioned he rock climbed and I'm like "Oh do you know Jason T..?" and looked up his profile and I was like "Oh wow, he deleted me, well this is him...." Ha ha. Yeah it happens. So that'll be the last time you guys'll ever hear about Jason! ha ha, like any of you are keeping track of the people that come in and out of my life...

I had a fun evening. My friend Michael came over to help me with some math from a macro assignment and we ended up just chillin for awhile and studying. He's really smart and enjoyable to talk too. We were drinking and BSing (no class tomorrow) and he mentioned his girlfriend being a computer science and engineering major which I thought was pretty sick so I'm hoping to meet her at some point too. Michael was in my public finance class and lives in the same complex so it was nice to have someone to hang out with instead of studying alone.

Aww, Marshee's sleeping on the ground waiting for Mama to come to bed.... My baby. :-3 Tomorrow I have no classes and I've gotten the majority of my homework done so most of my day will be spent practicing more than likely. I've also gotta start looking for a job... seriously. I stuck all my eggs in one basket with that office assistant job and that's not going to pan out. Back to the drawing board!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Recalibrating my life again

School has been hard for me lately.

I think a lot of it had to do with starting this quarter off badly which f*cked up my internal schedule and confidence so I haven't been able to figure out a solid routine yet. Today I tried spent a lot of time studying macro Chapter 3 but pretty much got nowhere on the homework. The math is really killing me right now. I need to actually practice it, and I'm hoping that adding the website to my studying will help me do that this next week.

I know in order to hold myself to practicing anything I have to create a schedule with the number of hours I'm going to spend on it.

This is me feeling very stressed out and defeated. I spent about 5 hours studying today with little physical proof of improvement of understanding (completed assignments...) so I know I have to approach this differently. I'm meeting up with Kevin tomorrow to figure out the Ch. 3 production function equations I could not for the life of me get today. Then I'm going to start using the website to more proactively study the book.

Here is my schedule for the next week. I have my first macro test on the 31st and right now I'm not feeling prepared for it at all. I've wrote out this planner so that in the next week I'm going to do about 12 hours of Macro study by the time I hit the upcoming test because I know that's how much I'm going to need. That's a goal of two hours of studying macro alone each day this week, plus also remembering to chip away at that project 2 for my management class.... And try not completely throw guitar under the bus. And find a job. 

....Because I have no money, which is another source of stress in my life because my parents give me money to live so I try to spend as little money as possible. But now that I'm 22 everyone around me is drinking and alcohol is so tempting and freaking expensive. And of course I have guitar lessons that cost $80 a month and my habit that cost as much as any regular smoker at this point. 

All this stress is making it so not I'm getting enough sleep. I haven't been to sleep probably earlier than 2 am all week because I am too stressed to fall asleep and keep getting woken up from nightmares of failing school. Literally I've been having these nightmares where I have to take an exam and I'm not ready or I somehow fuck up my life and wake up in a panic and it makes it hard to even get up in the morning so I'll end up sleeping in until 11' even if the nightmare woke me up at 6!!! 

have to change all these bad habits in my life right now before it's too late and I get a D on my first exam. This week I will get more sleep, eat healthier, smoke less, work more, wake up earlier, study harder and practice better. Then by this time next Saturday I won't feel like this. I'll tell you how the first day of this goes tomorrow (well, technically today, obviously going to bed at a decent time isn't getting off on the best foot but tomorrow I'm going to make it a goal to be in bed by 11)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Venus Palermo, an interesting character I discovered on My Strange Addiction last night.
She's a 16 year old "Living Doll" from Switzerland living in England, pretty much the new Queen of Lolita style on Youtube. She's really talented and dedicated to what she does. She spends long hours working on her videos and practicing Japanese and I think she has a very good chance of being successful model or actress in Japan someday. The episode gives you a very interesting look inside her life. But she's a diamond in one of thousands of girls like this:

Emily, another lolita fashion lover featured on the episode. She's very dedicated to what she does and likes to dress and wear her makeup like this anytime she can. Problems obviously arrive when she's trying to spend time around her family and they're criticizing her and she's unable to get a job because society doesn't accept this. That's the reality of this style of 99.9% of girls that try to be a "living doll." I do wish the best for Emily though. In the episode she seems really insecure and just wants to escape which I can relate too, I was a lot like Emily back in like 2010. 

So yeah I was super excited to find their third and fourth seasons available on Amazon for $1.99.. I bought the "I'm a living doll episode" and another episode called "Proud to be Plastic" about this woman that's gotten massive plastic surgeries...

Yeah soo... Let that first little paragraph be a representation of how productive I was yesterday.

Yesterday I had horrrible body aches, felt unmotivated to do anything and felt really lonely/on the verge of tears. A good majority of the day I spent sleeping, the rest was eating, cleaning my kitchen, practiced about an hour of guitar and had a good lesson with Jake (but right after that practicing ceased for the night.....), and read about half an econ chapter. So really I only had a couple productive hours yesterday and the rest was either spent sleeping or sitting on my ass because I felt so drained. 

PMS sucks. 

Here's living bombshell Lacey Wildd and her hilariously humongous tits. If I haven't already convinced you to go check out this series I'll convince you to at least buy this episode "Proud to be Plastic" to see what this bitch can do with a flashlight.

Anyway today is going to be a much better day because it's Friday and I'm going to see Ryan! I'm hoping we're going to go out tonight, I want to go to the 301 and dance. 

I'm also planning to get some schoolwork and practicing done before this evening as well. Gotta get more done than yesterday.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm sorry I'm a night person.


Soo... I just completely unintentionally pushed my neighbor to the limits this evening by accidentally having my music up too loud. I was working out listening to hip hop, as I do on the regular, but admittedly I hadn't adjusted my volume.... She banged on my door and I ran to my computer to turn down the volume. She said, "You need to turn that down, my kids are trying to sleep. F*cking ridiculous." I'm going to write her a note to apologize and tell her that I will be more conscious of it as well as apologize for the time that she didn't say anything because I know how hard that can be.

This is my guilt face. 

I just have weird night habits. My kitchen is downstairs and my bedroom is upstairs. I'm a nightowl and will sometimes forget to turn off the heater so will come down to turn it off or grab a glass of water or snack or whatever. I need to remember to be more courteous, especially at night. I exercise at weird hours. Like here it is almost 12 am and I'm up working out.

Oi.... Well, I'll write a note and hopefully patch things up... and again be more conscious of it. I'll likely leave a note before I go to bed. I'm planning to wake up early to meet with Debi B. and talk about this office assistant position that I applied for but didn't get a call. Then in my macro class today my friend Kevin told me that he got a call for an interview this Friday. I'm like what, you got an interview? I haven't gotten a call for an interview...

So I'm going to hopefully rub elbows with someone tomorrow and get in for an interview.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh just screw it.

Hey guys, it's almost 1 am.... I had a f*ing crazy long day, long weekend, lots of stuff going on that I need to tell you.

 I promise to tell you more about my weekend tomorrow, to anyone reading, how about THAT?! But for now I've got more serious stuff on my mind.

If cigarettes are as big of an instant stress relief as I've heard people say they are I should never smoke. 

Maybe it's my Jewish roots that can take me from feeling perfectly content and confident one day to being completely stressed to the point of feeling completely hopeless and out of control of my life. This quarter academically I've felt very out of control because of the stress that Finance class initially put on me not having the textbook on time, then realizing I wasn't ready to hack the material at the speed the instructor was going so I had to drop it... This was a hard enough issue as it was.

Sipic totally went to bat for me to get me into Hedrick's class late (Tuesday of week 3, technically the last day you could enroll late). I was thrilled about this opportunity initially until I went to the bookstore and realized they didn't have a copy of what I needed. I needed the access code so I figured ordering it at the school versus Amazon wouldn't make that much of a difference. Dropped $150 and it was projected to arrive her Thursday. Thursday...... More than halfway through the week.

I let Sipic know about this and he gave me a Micro book from a different course just in case I wasn't able to get a copy of the text. Because I didn't have the right syllabus for Hedrick's class at this point I messaged him to get the material that we'd covered but he didn't get back to me on that (he probably figured I had the syllabus, which does have what I need...).

So I had Hedrick's class this morning and it didn't seem too bad... He was going over the demand and supply curve shifts that occur when tariffs and taxes are placed on imports. It's not like it doesn't make sense to me but having entered the class after missing two weeks of review material it felt a little rusty to me. Hedrick seems like a nice guy, he told me to meet him at his office so he could get me caught up on what we were doing.

I went to his office and he told me that the class had already done two homeworks and two quizzes and said he'd give me some leeway because I'm just entering the class. I mean that's great and everything but homework and quizzes are through an online source so they close when they're due.

So here I am, trying to manage my time for the night with a huuuuge amount of micro work to do and a little bit of macro homework... I made what was due first a priority so I spent 8 hours working on micro tonight... Not even freaking kidding you guys. And I actually did make some progress on the third homework that was assigned to the class which was sort of impressive considering the circumstances. The homework was due at 11:50 and around 11' I couldn't take it and decided to call my Mom. Offfff course I was crying, feeling like it's the end of the world and she somehow makes me feel better.... I love my Mom so much. 

She made me realize that with the way everything has gone this quarter there's no shame in just taking 10 credits. If I continued taking this class that I'm entering 3 weeks late I'd inevitably sacrifice a huge amount of studying for my other classes and bring my entire GPA down. Not worth it at all.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Don't need no man, got yo' own bands, put up yo' hands

You guys ready to twerk this weekend? Whooo!!! 

Well I suppose that doesn't go out to all of my readers. And I apologize to those of you that are offended or distracted by the Twerkgif. But in spirit of the fact that it's Friday in 15 minutes I'm leaving the gif the way it is and those of you that are offended can just scroll up. 

I'd been looking for workout music and came across this playlist earlier: 

That is also where you can find the rest of these twerk gifs.
No homo.

Not on the playlist but found this by one of the same artists, catchy as Hell! 

Makes me look forward to start riding my bike when the weather gets nicer. Right now the weather here has been really unpredictable temperature wise, one day it will be freezing cold and the next you could get by wearing a light sweater. It's been a dry season so there hasn't been any snow luckily. Safer driving.

Of course I shouldn't have to worry about any of the problems on the roads anymore because my first and only class is at 1 pm. Yup, today I realized I'm not cut out for a finance major. Last night I spent over 2 hours studying to make up the homework that was due Tuesday that I was unable to complete because of the book situation. I made these crazy detailed flash cards, not only to teach me Finance formulas but also to remember how to transfer information in income statements and working with the rules of balance sheets. 
Red flag. 

I haven't taken accounting in over a year and I was not prepared for that class. For some reason I figured finance would be much more similar to what I was used to but it was almost a whole different ballpark. And it's not like I had an easygoing professor, I was lucky enough to get stuck with the self-proclaimed "anal orifice." 

As you all know it's hard for me to lower my self standards on anything. When I realized I wasn't going to do the double major the first person I wanted to talk to about it was Terry because he'd switched from a finance major to economics pretty shortly after we'd first met. I don't think Terry actually ever took a finance class either, though. I know if he saw the amount of time consuming actuarial math and formula memorizing that class required he would have done the same thing. 

He was empathetic because he knew how much it means to me to succeed to my highest potential. He reminded me that it sucks when self realizations like this happen but "One major is plenty! : )" My parents talked it over and think it will also be better for me, especially because it will put me in a lot less debt. 

Alright I'm going to bed.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stepping the same place 12 years later

Our house in Paso Robles, California. 

Evening everyone, check this out.

This is a picture of the house I lived in when I was in the 4th grade and we moved to California because my Grandpa had cancer. This is the one house other house my family ever lived in growing up so I wanted to get a picture of it to help solidify memories of living there. Allow me to ramble a few things that come to mind when I look at this picture.

  • The sloped driveway on the left. This was really fun to ride up and down on scooters and skateboards* (which of course I'd just sat on... I wasn't near daring enough to ride down a slope on a skateboard even at that age)
  • The window by the door. That is where the computer desk was. Like everywhere else I've lived in my life, the computer room was where I spent a lot of my time. Fourth grade was the year I remember first having access to explore the internet (with a snales pace dial up connection of course) and I'm sure I looked up a lot of.... erm, "questionable" sh*t. Not perverted or anything because I didn't know what that was at the time but you know what I mean.
    I also remember playing the Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone PC game with it's painfully slow graphics and doing fabric crafts in that room. 
  • The short brown fence, behind which is the small backyard my sister and I used to play in sometimes. The yard kind of sucked because there was no swingset or anything but it was made up for by having a neighborhood with a lot of room to ride bikes around. I remember going up and down hills and around cal-de-sacs with neighbor kids for hours, it was a great time. 
I don't miss my childhood because I remember it as a time of a lot of insecurity, confusion and frustration, but then when I think of these times I realize how good of a childhood I really had. 

As you guys know I watch a lot of Intervention and most people that grow up addicts have had a bad childhood, whether it be from losing one of their parents from divorce, their parents suffering from addiction or being abused. I didn't have any of these problems growing up, neither of my parents drank and the worst I had to deal with was my Dad's yelling about household finances (which he would later feel really bad about and have one on one talks with me about why he was angry. It's honestly how I learned about money at an early age). 

That's all for tonight guys. I spent some good time studying today but couldn't find much inspiration on the guitar. I wish Jacob would send me the new tab of the Mozart piece he wants me to learn instead of the crappy one I have currently. I also need to start listening to What It's Like by Everlast to figure out how the chorus goes. I haven't gotten around to that yet. The intro riff  sounds great though. That's a good one to have in my repertoire and it's let me practice chords more. 


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This quarter's already getting fun


I've now gotten a feel for what I'm in for this quarter. One professor I really like the style of, the other it's too early to tell because a good majority of the lecture was spent "stroking himself" (as my friend described it today, the man does brag quite a bit but he seems to have done a lot in his life so whatever. These professors suffer enough to get their PhD., get published and spend endless hours doing random research that they can have their time on the first day to brag if they want too.)

One of my professors is named Wassell I believe, he looks kind of like an older Corey B. and sounds like him too. His class is in the big room (115), where Terry and I screwed around and passed notes during managerial last quarter. I stood outside the class for a little while with some people I know, like this guy Robert W. who's in both my classes. Terry and I caught a glimpse of eachother. I smiled and he smiled back but turned away trying to play it off like he didn't notice.

Of course we did end up sitting in the seats we sat in last quarter. When he noticed I was walking that direction Terry was like "YEA Our lucky seats!!" And I'm like "F&^% yeah we're gonna get A's this quarter!!" Then he's like "YES high five!!" and I jumped up and kind of grabbed his hand...  It was just weird, we just got really freaking pumped  for about 2 seconds before he realized that he lost his cool and quickly sat down. I of course could give a rats so I was sitting there cracking up and he's like, "...but seriously though."

I really liked Wassell's lecture yesterday because I found him very clear, understandable, organized and cohesive-- everything I like in a good economics professor because it allows me to write notes and really take in what they're saying. When a professor goes too fast and skips around the material I lose interest quick... this is what happened in that same room last quarter. Yet I somehow got a B.

Another sort of cool thing about his class is that he apparently passes out hard copies of the homework then gives us answers to correct them which are similar to the answers to the tests. I'm really hoping my finance teacher has a similar system  because that class is going to have a ton of homework too. In both classes homework is a big chunk of the grade which is always advantageous to me. Doing homework doesn't really stress me out anymore.

But yeah my finance teacher that I had today seemed... interesting. He straight admits that his reputation online is "horrible" but that the reason is that half the people coming into class are just looking for an easy A and he wants to make sure we're getting our parents are getting our money's worth. Fair enough, challenge accepted. He also has a Mississippi accent.

I don't know if I've posted a picture of Ryan yet, I hung out with him for the first time pretty shortly before he went to Europe with some of his buddies so we didn't really talk for 3 weeks but we'd kind of "liked" eachother's photos back and forth every so often so I got the impression he seemed interested in hanging out again

So yesterday I was supposed to get coffee a second time with Ryan but he got jet lag and fell asleep. This was like at 6:30 pm, which granted I had postponed from the original time that he'd wanted to three times because I was frying something that took forever and made a huge mess. So yeah I went to Starbucks, got my coffee and my scone and talked to some Japanese international students until I checked my phone and realized he wasn't coming. 

I'm a firecracker when guys flake..... I refrained myself and just wrote "Wow". He did send me a text apologizing for this today and asked if we could reschedule for today but I didn't feel like it because I'd taken a nap and felt groggy looking. Tomorrow it is. I'll let you know how that goes. I really enjoyed his company the first time because he seems really smart. He made me laugh more than once which is not easy to do for most people.*


*... Okay maybe that's kind of a lie because I'll chuckle at practically anything if a person is trying to make some observation  but that doesn't mean I'm always serious. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Trying to brace myself

I'm very invigorated by the new year.

Today I got rid of a lot of trash around my house, bagged up some extra clothes that I don't wear for Goodwill, got a few things at the grocery store, practiced about 45 minutes and plan to knock out the other 35 before bed, and best of all prettied up by LinkedIn profile and added some people.

Sipic added me and "endorsed" some of my skills, wheeee : 3 Today was a good day indeed.... My profile is still missing a lot of information but at least I'm getting the hang of it. 

My goal for this break was to get a job and work on that profile so I feel accomplished to some degree. Though I haven't actually been contacted by anyone from the College of business about my application for the office position. I can't put all my eggs in one basket, I need to start applying for other jobs around campus too before long. I'd really rather not work retail again if I can help it. It's exhausting and boring. I either want a job on campus or something that can get me tips for being cute.

My darling Marshall is so happy to be home again where he can relax and not worry about other cats. 

I feel like he hasn't slept in weeks because of the shenanigans that inevitably occurred while we were gone. He stayed at the house with Michiko, Miranda and Marlow when we were in California and this afternoon I noticed some of his whiskers look like they've been cut short. I'm sure it's from Miranda scratching him in this face because he will recklessly annoy the other cats by biting their tails. 

He's been so cuddly and loving with me all day though. He makes me feel less nervous about any upcoming change in my life. Tomorrow school starts and I still have to buy my books. Today I was thinking maybe I'd get them with this guy I like right now but I wasn't able to get in contact with him.

Here are my New Years Resolutions for 2014

1. Make it a goal to practice 80 minutes of guitar a day. Enough to make sufficient progress but not enough to take over my life.

2. Use a squirt bottle to train Marshall not to beg for food. 

3. Study 2 hours a day on weekdays (ex. Friday) and Sundays mandatory, even if it's after a test so I don't end up giving one class more attention than the others. 

4. Absolutely no drinking on Sun.-Thurs., as always, and try to keep drinking on Saturday to a minimum because I need to be fully ready to study on Sundays. 

5. Be confident, damn it. Stop selling myself short, and if I do for God sake don't share it because it only puts you in a vulnerable position. Hold yourself in high esteem while of course respecting and trying to gain knowledge from people who are doing well at what you want to be doing. 

6. Make an effort to dress cute on days that I feel depressed and like shit to motivate myself to get out more. Get out more in general.

7. Don't judge or think badly of someone based on the way they look. Remember the law of attraction and that thinking negatively can effect how you appear to the rest of the world. This will help build new relationships with people. 

8. Moderate time on facebook to be able to use the computer for actual research and schoolwork.

9. Keep up with economics news and pay more attention to names and current events.

10. 100: combination of situps, squats every day. Continue to eat healthy and go the gym if possible. Burning off that energy feels great.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last road trip with my father.

It's 1:35 am.

Having gotten barely any sleep last night I know I could have easily crashed after dinner if I wanted too. Instead I've decided to stay up until 2 am when we plan to leave to make it easier to sleep a good chunk of the car ride. I took a nap earlier today so I thought it'd be easy to stay up this late but because I hadn't gotten a good night sleep in the first place this has proved to be quite a challenge.

Today was a pretty relaxing day. My Grandma went to work yesterday morning and we haven't seen her since. I have no idea what work she could be doing that would require her to stay overnight, at some point I'll have to bring this up to my mom in the car. This morning I wasn't hungover because I drank a lot of water and ate throughout the day. I've probably gained weight on this trip, I'm not going to lie. That's why I've got my New years resolution to try to combat this little roll under my belly button that I know will get worse if I continue to drink and eat out a lot.

I've noticed that by improving my posture and increasing the amount of squats that I do I have firmed that "love handle" hazard area so that's been good.

I'm getting so tired... I can't imagine my Dad actually getting up at 2 am, I'm more thinking along the lines of 3:45. The plan is that we're going to drive the rest of the night and make it back home without stopping at a hotel. My Dad didn't let any of us drive the entire drive last time and I'm hoping to God he lets my Mom this time because my Dad's driving makes me sick.

Today my Dad caught my Mom and I in the music room and I told him that Katelynn have this joke that he looks just like the Pokemon gym leader Giovanni and we all got a good laugh at it

My Dad's driving sucks. He drives too fast, then gets way up close to other drivers, then slams on his breaks... Then blames everyone else on the road and curses about it!! I'm not looking forward to that for the next 20 hours at all. I miss Marshall so much, I just want to get home safely. I'm just praying to God we do and that my mom and sister take shifts driving us.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Enter 2014

Damn you know what I just realized? In 2013 I wrote 199 blog entries, could have had a perfect 200!!

Well that doesn't matter. Today was the supposed day that we were leaving, but I realized how mistaken I was when my Dad walked in this morning, "Hey you know you can take my car to downtown Atascadero and check it out!!" Uh, yeah no thank you I could give honestly give a rats a** about any of the overpriced junk they could try to sell me at those boutiques downtown.

Yesterday was New Years eve so we had a jam packed, interesting day. We started out going to Morro Bay to walk down by the water a bit. As you can see I'm wearing a sparkly shirt and jeans, not my normal beach attire but I'm glad I wore these pants because it was a little chilly. I mean not chilly in comparison to what I've become accustomed to at home at all but I should have brought a sweatshirt. 

I wore this same outfit out that night for a couple New years parties that our aunt brought us too. Her and Adam have a way of knowing about events and things to do. We first went to a party being held in what appeared to be a multipurpose building that might have been a church. There was this 80's metal cover band that was going super loud and lots of biker-y looking adults hanging around. We looked and felt pretty out of place there, but luckily I'd already sipped down 4 rum and cokes that night and it didn't bother me much. 

Anyway we left that party at around 11'. We had a big New years eve dinner at my Grandma's that evening, followed by some drinks at my aunts house, so I only think we stayed at that first party for 30 minutes. We next went over to this barn style building, I think the bar is actually called "The Ranch." 

It's f*cking weird partying and getting drunk around your family, especially when your Mom and aunt (and my aunt's friends, we came in a group so luckily that took some of the awkwardness away from this situation....) are like getting down on the dance floor to live reggae. Even my tipsy mind was like, nooo that's alright, you guys go ahead I'll just sit here, drink more and check the time every so often to see how long until I get out of here.... Though I'm not saying I was mortified by them, or that I didn't have a good time at all. It's just weird when you're in a bar and you've got guys hitting on you all over but you look over and see your Dad standing by the wall. 

I must have gotten picked up on by 6 separate guys last night, a couple of which were in the reggae band that played there. Ha ha, takes more than good guitar skills to woo me. I danced with a few but this was only after around 12:45 am when I was good and sloshed and knew my family was too drunk to be paying attention to what I was doing. The rest of the time I spent making bullshit conversation with guys that picked up on me, sitting by my sister or wandering around.

That was definitely the most interesting new year I've had in a long time. Moving on to a new year. What are my resolutions this year?

New Years Resolutions 2014

1. Make it a goal to practice 80 minutes a day, every day. This amount of time is not too much to take away from the rest of my life but provides enough practice to be making solid steps toward improvement on the guitar. 

2. Do 100 sit ups and 100 squats per day.  

3. Do hand massages every day to increase playing dexterity.

4. Be more proactive about checking my email.

5. Get a job in Ellensburg.

6. Actively use the law of attraction. Be kind to others and give love in order to receive love. Avoid negative thoughts or being a hater in any form, even if it's just in casual conversation. Accept that people are the way they are and should be accepted as such.

I've made a lot of progress in 2013-- on the guitar, spiritually, mentally and probably physically considering I have barely been sick this year. This year I was pretty poor, this year I'd like to make more money like I did in 2012. 

No word back from Sipic or the business office on the job posting yet. Still crossing my fingers. In two days I will call them.