Monday, November 5, 2012

Two almost stress free midterms, hallelujah.

I found another North Korea propoganda film, this one translated to English. Almost the entire thing is shots of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung smiling and pointing at these great perfect establishments that have been built for the workers party. 

The music in North Korea is just awful. That's one of the things that would make life in North Korea absolutely unbearable is the awful socialist party music. They're not allowed to listen to anything else, though many of them do obtain music from China and South Korea illegally at the black market. The whole country is ridiculously poor because there's no economy so even as more and more "shops" and "restaurants" are built there will still be people starving and dying in the streets. 

It absolutely has to end soon, something will happen one of these days in North Korea that will cause major changes in the way their socialist government under the Kim family is currently running. It's been this way for so long that the country has become an old photograph of Maoist China and the 1950's Soviet union. For this reason Chinese tourists love to visit North Korea because it's fascinating to witness the charade fantasy land that the North Korean government can't possibly think the rest of the world believes. 


This sports contest happened in Kim Il Sung Stadium. In older videos the stands would have been full but I'm noticing over time these events are getting smaller and smaller, definitely because their population has dropped so far in numbers from starvation throughout the years. Competition in itself is very rare in North Korea because it's considered a capitalist ideal but there does appear to be a few races in this. I don't know, it's all completely whack-a-do. I'm going to continue to follow StimmeKorea's videos until the end of the Kim dynasty. It'll happen here in the next year or so, you watch. It has too because it's getting to the point that the residents of PyongYang are going to be the only ones left. 

I think I did well on my accounting test. Lecture in legal was SO boring today, we talked about contracts and hardly anyone was paying attention/participated. These are the type of days that I really make an effort to pay attention because I feel it will play in my advantage. He appreciates when people are paying attention, and he knows that the subject is boring.

Now that it's coming down to the very end I'm really getting a perspective on what I've gotta do to pass my classes. Week 7 ends tomorrow, I'm PROUD I actually did everything on my goal list this week and really got to enjoy the rewards by having two almost stress free midterms! 

What I've really got to do is study math. My next important test is this Thursday so my goal is to study math an hour a day between now and Wednesday night to better prepare myself for that. This test shouldn't be too bad, I've got a decent hand on logarithms so if I really bite into it tonight I should be okay. 

That's all I gotta say, gotta get to work! 


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