Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm back peeps, but not here. Follow me


I'm sorry about leaving you all high and dry (ha ha) but my last living situation didn't permit me much privacy. I look forward to telling you all about the hell I experienced in my last relationship, my last quarter at CWU, about my new hobbies since moving home, etc... But prefer not to here.

Why? Because "Momentum of Thought" was what he had written across his door surrounded by tens of other tips and reminders on how to behave. We were trying to live this lifestyle where we had a "positive momentum of thought" and anytime I would talk about anything that deviated from that he would just say "Negative!" No moral support, nothing. Pretty much just like, "shut up, I don't care to listen about your problems." But God forbid I didn't drop what I was doing to help him.

 College really was an incredible experience in my life.

That relationship really took my life out of my own hands for a month and a half but thankfully my parents and friends were able to see through his manipulative bullshit (coupled with getting robbed, and being treated like crap) and were happy to get me out of there. My Mom moved me into Jacob's house, then out 3 days later, then into a dormitory on campus for the last two weeks of school. It really was a crazy ending to the roller coaster ride that was college. I'm hoping I did manage to capture some of that in this blog even if there were a lot of days when I wanted to write but I couldn't figure out how to log into this damn account.

....SO NOW... there's a BRAND new blog! That I will actually be able to log into because I'm now going to be only using ONE account for applying for jobs and ONE ACCOUNT for LinkedIn, etc. Ugh it frustrates me so I bad, I can't remember the email I used for my most recent linked in account that actually looks really good so I had to start it over a third time. I don't even want to add my connections until I find a way to delete the old one.

Anyway here's my lovely new url:

Onto my real adult life! yay