Monday, November 12, 2012

Wow, best veterans day in awhile...

So low and behold, Jared is actually pretty interesting to talk to in person. I wasn't sure how our conversations would be when we were sober but I was pleasantly surprised. He came over this evening and we took a walk for a little while.

He texted me at about 11 this morning and we chatted for a few hours, which almost the entire time I felt like I was pushing the conversation forward by asking a bunch of questions according to his vague answers. At around 3, I said "what are you doing for dinner?" which he didn't reply to so I'm like "Or not. I'm just wondering, you never really ask what I'm doing so I don't know what to say.." which he responded that he's not a big texter. I'm like, what! You texted me first, you know? And the previous night when I'd said I was going to bed he's like "Why?" So I guess I figured he liked texting so I felt a little obligated to do so.

So here I am pushing this conversation for the sake of not knowing if he's planning on making plans or not. Because honestly you guys, when MOST men text is because they're trying to make plans, you know? Like the last few guys I've... I guess "dated," haven't really been chatty via text. It's just hard to tell if a guy wants to text or not, and the last thing you want to do is OVER text and make it seem like you're some "needy" girl. He needs to be aware that I have a lot going on.

He'd come over tonight and he saw my workspace and said "This is what you've been doing all day. Nothing." I'm like WHAT, NO! I've played guitar for FORTY minutes! Ha ha, to me that's absolute raw productivity. I also did a legal assignment so that was good. I'll probably practice my guitar, watch king of the hill and look at my accounting material simultaneously tonight.

I'm of course feeling sort of happy about this situation. I don't know what's going to come of it, he hasn't indicated to me at all that he doesn't enjoy my company so I'm hoping we'll spend more time together. That's all I'll say about it. I just can't push it.

He's a really sweet person, from what I've seen anyway. That's a plus. I'm hoping once I can open up more to him he'll be able to get my sense of humor. It takes awhile to warm up to that I guess. I think that's the best indicator that interest in a person will last is if they at least sort of get your sense of humor. Mine can be a little dark. I'm a little strange.

I showed him some of my old pictures. He knows about cosplay. He told me he likes going through people's photos, that's something we have in common. He also told me he doesn't like when food is left out which is just like me!  We stopped at Bradley's house to pick up my waterbottle and they were partying extremely hard last night I guess.

I think maybe I will post that picture to my facebook, we had a fun night. What the hell.


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