Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Round 8... START.

today marks the beginning of...
Week 8

I have a CRAZY amount of shit to get done today, which is why I'm skipping my math class again. 

I've skipped it once a week for the past few weeks and it hasn't effected my grade or understanding at all. It'll probably benefit me a lot more to get a couple solid hours of study in for math and figure out everything we're going to need to do on the upcoming test. In order for me to skip a class and relax about it I have to study extensively in said subject... I of course haven't skipped my accounting or legal class once this quarter because they take role. Montgomery doesn't take roll, and I know today we're just going to do review problems. 

Without my bike it exhausts me go to my math class first thing in the morning.. I'm picking up my bike today after an appointment I have to go to at 10:45. Okay lemme just run through the stuff I gotta do today. Note that this is a pretty normal Tuesday...

1. Pick up bike from shop.
2. Go to appointment
3. Study math for 2 hours
4. Legal Quiz, chapter 11, 12, 13
5. F*ing accounting chapter read and 1/2 of that homework
6. Write up a new weekly plan
7. Vacuum
8. Laundry

So yeah it's gonna be a hell of a day. I've actually gotta pick up some important things that I'm out of at the store too, like milk and yogurt. Maybe I'll stop at the store after my appointment... Well I have to get the bike home first and I can't leave milk in the car DURING my appointment. Damn it, I'm just gonna have to run to the store later. 

Note to self, never buy a half gallon jug of milk. I can go through that in four days... 

I will feel so good and prepared for the upcoming week if I get everything done today. Week 7 was a lot of work getting prepared for that accounting test and I'm proud of myself for being done with that but now it's time to move forward again on a new page of Week 8. Another week of challenges

I feel bad because I might only be taking 10 credits next quarter... But as I look at my administration requirements I'm wondering if that's the right choice for me. 

Finite math for me is going to be difficult because it's a logic class.. And I would be taking economics with that which is an entirely new class for me. I don't know if I want to load Statistics on top of that and potentially overload myself. 

If I did only take 10 credits this quarter, I would be taking Statistics, Econ 202 and Intro to Financial management in the spring. That's Finance 370, my first real University level class. Just taking one will give me a taste of what's to come the following year. 

Hmm... There appears to be some communication classes that I could possibly take this quarter, including English 310, technical writing. I liked my technical writing class at CBC. I don't know if I'll have to take English 102 in order to get into that class though so I need to call the admissions office about that today. I'm hoping to God my Technical writing class at CBC can override that credit or I might be stuck taking English 102 this quarter. 

Of course I don't have that much problem taking an English class. They're not the most frightening classes to me because I'm a good enough writer, I'm opinionated and I know how to get my thoughts down on paper. I just hate all the reading and time consuming papers English 102 often demands of you. 

Yep, now that I'm looking at this it appears I'm going to be stuck taking 102... I better find a decent professor and put it in my shopping cart. It's going to be another really tough quarter but if I can get good professors everything will be okay.

Wow, there's no reviews for any of the English professors that are teaching this quarter. I'm going in blind with that professor... Here's my final list for Winter:

-English 102 with Fleming, Mo-Wed-Friday from 8:00-8:50 AM
Gah, another 8:00 class, damn it, it's what I have to do...

-Econ 201 with Carbaugh, Mon-Friday 9:00-9:50

-Math 130 (Finite Math) with Width, Mon-Friday 10:00-10:50

So no more 2 hour classes, which is nice, which means every day I'll get done at 11 and have the rest of the day to study or do whatever needs to get done. I think I can handle this class load, it's a good divide of math, business and reading. I say reading because I know English 102 will require a lot of it, just like my Legal class did this quarter. 

Shit, there's something shoved behind my drawer that is making it so I can't close the damn thing and its driving me crazy. I need to call a maintenance guy to get that fixed. He's actually going to have to unscrew and remove the entire drawer to recover whatever got shoved back there. Annoying.

Alright anyway I gotta go, better get started with that list... blegh


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