Thursday, November 15, 2012

Second panic attack, starting improvisation...

Today went well, I ended up getting done with everything I needed, even my math.

I did sort of crummy on my legal quiz, I only got a 63% which is the lowest score that I've gotten but the material right now is sooo painfully boring. We're studying contract laws. Honestly I could probably get away with skipping the next lecture because I've got the quiz done but I hope I can better understand this chapter and it'll help me on the final.

Guitar lessons went well today! Jacob gave me an MP3 of chords to play over with Pentatonics scales. He made me try it on the spot today, which was really hard to do because I'm always afraid I'm going to sound horrible. Luckily I'd studied the scales well enough this week that it didn't sound *too* bad, but I'm still looking forward to working on it this week. Jacob always seems to know exactly what I need to advance on the guitar. He also sent me a couple classical pieces to work on this week so that'll be fun. One of them is really easy-- Greensleeves, a song I actually learned for solo ensemble back in 7th grade. The second song is called "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring" or something like that. It's by Bach, and should be fun to play as well.

I had a really bad panic attack today. I felt it coming on, I was sitting down to study for my legal class and it came on extremely bad. I called Ashley and she talked me down from it so well.. She's such a good person to call for that, she knows all about the symptoms of panic attacks so she let me know that everything I was experiencing was normal.

This panic attack was particularly scary because I had really bad numbness and tingling in my hands. Ashley told me this was because all the blood was rushing to my brain because I wasn't getting enough oxygen. That being said, I should no longer smoke in high pressure situations... I had a lot of things I had to do today so I was pretty stressed about it and ended up smoking which probably was the ultimate cause of my panic attack.

I'm so excited to go home for many reasons.... First of all, to go to the doctor to discuss my panic attacks and get some Xanex to help get it under control. Secondly, I'm hoping to fill a prescription on Differin, my old acne medication that will help me better control my acne. It's still bad enough that I need prescription strength, it's just a shame it's so expensive. And third, getting my tattoo done with Katelynn!

It's going to be an excellent Thanksgiving weekend if I can get all this taken care of. I'm going to figure out what my finals schedule is so I can determine if I'll have Monday and Tuesday to study or not. If that is the case, I wouldn't mind just spending the whole weekend at home, study free aside from flashcards...

Alright well, I'm gonna work out and go to bed. Even with the panic attack it was a good Thursday. Tomorrow's laundry day.


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