Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dreaming about Ponies? ..Interesting.

It's Sunday-Sunday-Sunday, everyone!

It's 4:00 pm. I've played guitar for over an hour today but didn't use the Pro program like I probably should be... instead I just watched communist China/Germany documentaries and vegged around. I did study a little accounting for about an hour. It wasn't hard to think straight today with little distractions around. I got a text from Jared this morning and we briefly talked. I thought maybe we'd kick it today for a little while but he seems pretty busy with his mom.

I'm going to be busy myself this evening when David Guzman stops by. I'm pretty sure we're gonna go out to dinner and hang out, catch up on things, etc. It's going to be really nice to talk to David because he's just as into music and the guitar as I am... and he's got many many years my senior so I'm going to ask him all sorts of things.

So yeah, super excited to see David. He's a really good musician and a good friend.

Speaking of friends I woke up missing Samantha this morning. I miss Katelynn a lot too, I posted to Samantha's wall that she should give me a call when she gets the chance but now I'm thinking she's gonna end up calling this evening when David is here and I'll have to postpone the call. Gah, she'll understand I'll just call her back later this evening.

 I believe I had a dream about Ponies last night. You know when you have a dream and you don't really remember it but then you see a picture of it and you suddenly get a "trigger?" I guess that's the best way I can describe it. So maybe the dream was really just a reminder that I missed Samantha or something. Sam loves ponies, haha, I've never watched an episode of it but from what I've heard from the fanbase it's sort of like Spongebob-- intelligent enough humor that a wide variety of viewers can enjoy it.

I just can't handle the Rated-E cartoon voices anymore. Don't get me wrong, I loved cartoons for YEARS... I mean I used to watch Spongebob while I ate my meals in the living room for years before we got DVR. I think that was my main switch from those comforting child cartoons over to the adult ones such as Southpark, Family guy and later, King of the Hill.

Nothing wrong with Ponies, though. It's actually a more respectable cartoon show because the creators actually interact with the fanbase which I think is very admirable. Maybe someday if I'm feeling trippy I'll watch it on netflix, it'd be nice to see what Samantha posts about all the time... I'd like to also get a better understanding of the fanbase themselves and why they're so drawn to it.


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