Friday, November 9, 2012

There shouldn't be guilt in spending money on what you love

I've really been able to get into my routine here at Central, and I'm really feeling myself to begin to enjoy my life. My Dad and I got into an argument this morning, unfortunately... I called him asking if he'd put money in my account and he said he was planning to when he stopped by the bank on his way home today. That's always really appreciated. He asked me how I'd been doing, I forgot to tell him that I got a 96% on my accounting test. I probably should have.

..Should have told him about my accounting class achievement BEFORE I told him about the new expenditure, that is. I told him that I'd been doing really well because I was taking lessons with Jacob again. He's like, "What? How much is this gonna cost?" And I'm like, "$80 a month, but it's the ONLY thing that I do here.."

Then he goes into how he thought I was apparently going to get a part time job here and that this student loan thing has been more to pay than he'd ever anticipated and that he wasn't prepared for this. I then felt a tremendous amount of guilt for having started guitar lessons again, even though it's my money that I am paying toward it that... well, he's right, I probably shouldn't be spending.

Ugh, my heart is pounding so hard right now. I can feel it in my chest. I took one of my prenatal vitamins a second ago and sometimes the size of the pill startles me, like I can feel it in my chest and that leads me to feeling panicky. Gah, I wish I could just relax you guys. It's been getting better over the past few days though, mainly because I'm keeping my classes completely in check and haven't been feeling a tremendous amount of stress about school.

I got done with my Chapter 17 homework today. You know, I think I'm going to write out all of the homework I've got to do before the end of the quarter. I've got some major time this weekend without a significant amount of homework, maybe I could make life easier for myself for the next couple weeks and get some of this done early.

-Chapter 18 homework (Due 11/14). I could read ahead this weekend and do this anytime. 
-Chapter 19 homework (Due 11/16). This opens on the 12th so I'll do this next Tuesday.
-Quiz Chapter 14/15 (Due 11/15). Another quiz on contracts, blegh. Contracts are so boring to read about but I'm getting through them okay. This is due on the 15th, but I could do this sometime this weekend and make things easier next week. 

That's it before the final.


HW 13 - Thu, Nov 15
Webwork HW13
HW 14 - Mon, Nov 19
Webwork HW14
HW 15 - Mon, Nov 26
Webwork HW15
HW 16 - Thu, Nov 29
Webwork HW16

Math is pretty straight forward. I don't think I can nessasarily work ahead on them though because I have to study in class to understand the material. No working ahead in that one, but I'm getting a nice break from it this weekend before we get our tests back on Monday. Like I said I think I did okay.

I'll meet logarithms again on the next test. Calculus has been a lot different than any math class I've taken. I can honestly say it's been easier than Math 98, much, MUCH easier in fact. We haven't done hardly any factoring. Most of the problems we've done in pre-calc have been like logic puzzles. Knowing how to move things around the right way to make x stand alone. 

Montgomery never makes his test problems that tricky. They're always very straight forward to the concept. It's like, if you don't know how to do the problems he gives you on the test, it means you didn't study the concept very well. I admittedly didn't study interest in my math class as much as I should have, so any penalty I got on the test for it will be well deserved.

I can't move my margins over and it's making me mad.

Anyway for my accounting class! Most importantly... 

I don't know what the homework problems are but I have to MASTER chapters 12 and 15. I am not going to post the homework for that class but I will say that this weekend I'm going to pound the information from those chapters until I get it. I got a 96 on my second test, so if I score high on the third I can still get a good grade in his class. 

Because I got a 60% on the first test and a 96% on the second, right now I am sitting at a 78%. That means if I get at least an 90% on the third... 


I can bump it up to an 82% test grade. My goal is to get at least a 90% on that third exam. I can do it if I really try. 

I have no idea where that quiz grade that we took shortly after the test will play into my overall grade. This class has been so nutty, but it's really forced me to study and work hard. I think I'll take a lot out of it. 

That's all I really had to say today. Just getting ready for finals for a relaxing thanksgiving break. Excited to get my tattoo!!! 14 days until I've got needles in the back of my neck! 


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