Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~4~ The room situation gets a step crazier.

Just because this picture is funny.
Get some Mr. Slave.

Sup yall?

Today is officially ~4~. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's something personal. Only a couple of my closest friends know about it. I'm not going to go into detail, but all I can say is it's going to be a long road but I know that once it's over I'm going to feel way better about myself. Even if it's only been four days, I think it is very important that I continue to do this. Maybe in awhile, if it continues, I will tell you guys what exactly it is.

Dad just came upstairs to get himself something to eat. It's going to be a sort of late night for me. After I get done with this blog I'm going to play some Wii dance for some cardio.. I wish I could set up the DDR but I can't find one of the cords for the PS2. Then I'm gonna do some pilates. Clean up the kitchen a bit. My dad just got himself a bowl of cereal and probably left all the stuff out. Wait, let me go check...

...He left the box of wheat chex open, but that's it. I'm surprised, he usually leaves the milk out, some random dishes on the counter, some openned cereal bag out spilling a little bit on the counter. Ehh, who am I kidding, I'm pretty messy too. I look around and all of the clutter is MY stuff because my mom isn't here to yell at me about putting my backpack in my room. I've been spending a lot of time in the living room because there's no TV on, sooo nice and peaceful. I bet my sister, mom and Denae are having a good time in California-- but here in just two days my trip is going to be way better. : )

So apparently Eddie is going now. Which is now... Patrick, Patrick's friend Louie, Samantha, Shawn, Eddie and me. That's six people in a hotel room for four. I'm having a feeling I'm going to end up sleeping on the floor. I assume Shawn and Samantha are going to take one bed, but then who is taking the other one. I don't intend on sleeping in the same bed as anybody, considering that everyone else that's going besides Samantha is male.

 I'm getting concerned that I'm going to be puking at night because there's going to be men in the hotel room. Hopefully not, though. Hopefully i'll be so exausted that it won't matter.... Plus, yeah, they're all guys but they aren't anyone that I'd be dating or anything. It's funny, in the nights that me and Guy have slept together I've never told him that I've never been able to sleep a wink with him. Every single time I found myself rolling around, cuddling up to him, getting semi-comfortable... then he rolls in some awkward position or I get sick of his breath in my face or I need a glass of water or have to go to the bathroom. Or i'm puking like at Katelynn's that one night. Errg. Why can't I just force myself to relax and sleep? I'll probably be taking a lot of melatonin on the night that I actually NEED sleep.

That's the thing, because I'm volunteering I sort of have to get sleep on the 16th. Though the original plans were getting hammered and partying all night, now that I consider the group I don't think that's going to be happening. Not saying I have anything wrong with that, it's totally fine. i'm going to have a blast there no matter what. Just not the *kind of* blast that I was originally predicting. I can have a lot of fun sober, it doesn't matter to me. I don't want to make anyone in the room uncomfortable or paranoid because technically speaking, I'm underage... yeah.

Today was pretty gruesome. So much studying math. I got up at 6 am this morning, went off to school at 7 and started studying in the S building to try and grasp as much as I could before the big test. I think I did.... okay. Maybe horrible. I don't know, it was hard but I felt like I did at least some of it right. My work was hella messy. I'm not doing any damn math homework tonight but I'll probably have too tomorrow. i'm also gonna have to do my lab report write up. Get everything done so I can have a fun, stress free weekend.

Everyone that is going is only going to be paying $33 for two nights at the hotel. The problem is GETTING the money by this friday. I have tomorrow to round everyone up at some point, as well as Friday. I'm gonna be getting the money from Patrick after his work at 10' PM. Another trip to wal mart, that's the third day in a row. Ick. Nobody has paid me yet, but I would really, REALLY like to get the money before we all leave because we are all leaving at different times and I'd like to be able to check into the hotel without paying a fortune and then waiting for everyone to pay me back. Plus, this con is going to be expensive.. I don't want people suddenly saying that they spent their money and they'll have to pay me back later. Nooo way. Though I am happy to say that did not happen last year and everyone was very responsible and reasonable with me. I get pretty touchy on the subject. I've pretty much coordinated this get together by making the hotel reservations and keeping people updated, and I'd appreciate getting paid the money for the hotel promptly enough. I'm sure it won't be a problem.

Man, the insane amount of planning that has gone into this con for me. I really hope everyone has a good time. I guess the planning is half the fun of it. I'm also looking forward to the drive up there, even if I'm a bit concerned about my car. As I've mentioned, i'm going alone. Everyone is taking seperate cars this year, probably due to rumors of my crazy driving last year. hahaha

I also had biology today and got my test back-- 96%! Woo! I'm so happy, I only missed 2 out of the 50 questions! I am pretty good at this highschool biology class. (^_^)<- Yes, I used the sappy proud face. What better occasion. Just a note, by the way, I hate when people use that smiley unless it's me. What a hypocrite, right?

Better get going. Dishes are done, gotta put in the new ones.


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