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Kuro Neko Con 2011~ Day 3. More of a Halfday

Finally getting a chance to write about this. Unfortunately my memory of the event has faded slightly, but I'll do my best.
Kuro Neko Con Day 3~ Final Day
I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, having actually slept for the first time in the hotel on the floor. My alarm went off at 7 AM but I snoozed it a couple times because I figured I didn't have to run over to the maid cafe that morning to set up and also wasn't in any rush to bomb out of the hotel room. Metallica's "All Nightmare Long" alarm goes off AGAIN at about 8:20 AM. I was now getting hungry and a little crampt on the floor, so I got up and hopped in the shower.

When I got out, unlike the previous day when I brought my clothes into the bathroom with me, I'd realized I'd forgot. So I very, VERY sneakily tip toed through the room wearing my big towel and found some athletic clothes in my bag and tiptoed back. I got dressed and started brushing my hair out. Samantha got up, and asked me if breakfast was still downstairs. I said it was so we decided to go down there.

Breakfast was A MADHOUSE! Apparently middle class white American families get up at 8' AM, haha. Seriously, this hotel was all white people it seemed. When we went in the previous day it was all old people because it was super early. Why do elderly get up at the ass crack of dawn? We ended up sitting next to an older couple that looked pretty unamused by the amount of noise in the breakfast room.

When me and Samantha got back up to the room, everyone was still sleeping. I started doing my makeup and hair, and as I did so began getting packed up and organized. The previous night they were playing this crazy card game and in order to make room threw everyone's stuff up on Shawn and Samantha's bed. Therefore, everyone's stuff was everywhere. I remember every time I went around the room to go find something I would also look around to see if anything that was mine was laying on the floor. I'm happy I did, I didn't end up forgetting anything.

I started waking people up at 9:30 AM or so, knowing that the room was a disaster and everyone was going to take awhile to pack. A couple of the guys took a shower, so I ended up packing my shampoo and conditioner that I was sharing with everyone last. About half the bottle was gone at the end of the trip, which made me realize how much big families have to spend on things like that. Samantha didn't like my shampoo and conditioner because she said it made her hair greesy. I warned her that it was a professional product and that you can only use a tiny bit or it does that. It's a color protectant and doesn't really work for much else.

When people started packing I was practically done and so was Samantha, so she came with me to run a load of stuff down to my and Shawn's car. In the elevator, people were staring at us in full costume. A couple kids got really excited when they saw me and asked why I was dressed like that, and I told them I was going to an anime convention when the elevator door was closing. It was so cute, they were staring at me from the top window of the hotel. Then I noticed other kids were too.... I was dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland... well, a sexier version, haha, but they still liked it. It made me happy.

Before we left, we took this picture. We used the car as a tripod. I'm unsure where louie and Patrick were at this point. This was after we got all checked out in full costume. Rather embarrising, haha, but the chick at the front desk seemed rather entertained.

I drove to the con with Eddie on the second day, blasting Tech N9ne, which he seemed indifferent about. I just wanted to play fun music.. hadn't listened to much rock on the trip at all. He encouraged me to turn it down when giving directions but it wasn't even on that much louder than our voices. Like, all he'd have to do is speak up a little and I would turn it down to listen. I wasn't TOO excited for the actual con, so I wanted to get pumped up.

When we got there, I parked and we walked up to the school. I was talking to him about debating going to the cafe, texting Tyler and Dave, and wondering how today was going to play out with all of the math homework stress. When we got into the building, I was looking at the pamphlet at what was going on (or my little paper note with times on them) and decided that it'd be fun to go to improv. I look up, Eddie was gone.

Yes, this picture is effing horrible, which is why I didn't upload it. It was kind of a joke. But all day my hair was misbehaving. Probably fried from chlorine.

I met this kid who had a box on his head, and we went into the improv room. We watched these skits that made absolutely no sense at all, and I got sort of bored but didn't know where else to go. I couldn't go to the maid cafe because I was super late and didn't want to piss people off. I decided this was a good place to wait for Shawn and Samantha though.

Meanwhile, I was texting Dave who wanted me to go to some other panel, but then ended up meeting me there.

We sat in here for like an hour and a half. Look how sweaty and tired I look, haha. This is probably my best sex hair picture of the con. And, just to clarify, no I wasn't actually doing that. Just in case this is too convincing.

Dave did a really good job doing improv himself, though a lot of people in the room couldn't do it at all. Dave was trying to convince me to try it myself, but I was like NOOOO way, I suck at that, plus I curse too much and didn't want to unintentionally say shit and get in trouble. We left, and Dave tried to drag me to do flippin kareoke to the damn pokemon theme song. I was like NONONONONO. But then I thought to myself, do I really give a rats ass what any of these people think? Seriously.

So here I am, singing the pokemon theme song. The most embarrising thing I've done in a long time. It was pretty hilarious though and I kept on cracking up throughout the whole thing. I can't believe Dave manipulated me to do that. Damn him.

Dave ended up meeting up with his girlfriend and I got a text from Patrick and Louie saying they were heading home. This reminded me that I needed to leave soon, too. It was about 12' PM. I texted Dave to say thank you for completely humiliating me and to enjoy the rest of the con (in a friend sense of course because I didn't care that it was humiliating haha). I ended up finding Samantha, Shawn and Eddie and we walked around the vendor hall for awhile. Samantha was getting some custom art done, and I was standing there talking to the three Asian guys and this one guy that was dressed as.... as....

Idk he's the one on the right in the blue bathing suit. He actually seemed pretty normal, regardless of the unbelievably creeptastic costume.

He asked me if I was dressed up as Alice, and I had to ask Samantha what the name of the character I was again. Apparently, I look like someone from "American McGee's Alice," and Samantha seemed pretty annoyed that I asked her. I probably did look like a noob but I didn't care that much. I honestly told the guy it wasn't a cosplay at all and that I just got it at a sex shop. He was like, "OH, that's a leg avenue costume! Those are hot!!" And then they took pictures of me. I was rather satisfied that I managed to get away with not actually having a legit cosplay and people still taking pictures of me.

Me and Sam in the vendor hall.

The last thing I did at the con was go to this How to Draw Manga class, and realized that I really had no interest in drawing anime at all anymore. I sat there and drew a realistic face on the piece of paper they provided instead. Samantha didn't seem particularily interested either and drew a picture of mini moon for me on a tiny slip of paper, and I looked around and MOST of the people in the class were doing the same thing! Drawing on there own!

I think the reason being was that practically EVERYONE in the class had probably drawn anime extensively before, so they were in there to get advanced tips from a professional. Nope, it was only the basics, and that woman that was teaching it did a terrible drawing on  the board as a representation of how you are supposed to draw it and talked to us like she was a Kindergarden teacher. Eddie drew a skeletan.

I ended up leaving the con after the class, bidding farewell to some friends from last year.

We spent a lot of time with these guys last year, but me and Samantha don't talk to them as much as Nicole does. So more than likely we would of spent more time with them (and Patrick) if Nicole was with us. They're from over by Couer D'Alene.

I went out of to my car, changed clothes, and headed out all by my lonesome. Felt good though, felt good to be done with the trip. I was anime'd out. Suddenly in writing this blog entry I feel extremely nauseous from taking a prenatal pill on an empty stomach. I'm trying to eat an apple so it stops.

I was hungry and needed a coffee, badly.. But I wanted to get out of Spokane first. I took the Seattle exit home and made it until about Cheney before I wanted something to eat. Right outside of Cheney there is a town called Sprague, where on the highway sign is a restaurant called "The Viking." Shit, good enough for me. I got off the Sprague exit and went to this little tiny diner right off the highway.

Inside there were a couple tables with elderly people, one of which being all women eating hamburgers and french fries. There was also a Dad and his kids, and a biker sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee. They all gave me sort of funny looks, even if I wasn't in costume it's almost like they could recognize that I wasn't from around there.

There was only ONE lady working, doing both the cooking and the serving. She asked if I wanted for here or to go, and I said for here because I was in no rush really. I sat down and realized that she was trying to crank out milkshakes, which meant it was going to take awhile for my food to get done. I didn't get my menu for about ten minutes, which was surprisingly extensive for the size of the place. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and fries to go, as well as a nice big cup of coffee. She said she had just brewed up a fresh pot. Yay! Trying coffee at different places is a highlight of almost all of my trips.

I went into the bathroom while she was making it, and I noticed that the walls were COVERED in people's names from the past 20 years. Like it would say someone's initials carved in the wall, then a number. Most common was from like 82'-96'. Felt like a piece of history in there. I wanted to carve my initials in too, but I didn't have a pocket knife. I like how one said "YOU ALL SUCK" with up and down arrows around it.

The sandwich and fries was good, I ate it on my way home and then when I got sick of it double knotted the con bag around it because I didn't want to smell the greese. Ugh, still feeling nauseous, damn it!

I made it home safe, the house was a complete disaster, and I was happy to be home.


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