Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catching up with people, and freaking out about Kuro neko con.

~1~♥ Yes, I am starting this for real now.

Shit, things are getting crazy with this whole kuro neko con thing. Turns out Patrick might not be going because his friend isn't going and he said he wouldn't be able to pay for the $50 a night fee. Personally, I wouldn't blame him, which is why I'm trying to set it up now so that our group is this: Samantha, me, Nicole, Shawn and Patrick. Eddie if he still wants to go would be nice too. I'm not cancelling the reservations for the hotel, but if I can get all of them to go, the hotel fee TOTAL would be $35 for both nights, which is excellent. I just really need them to all cooperate and try and make things work. We can make the trip cheap if everyone goes, but there has been a chain reaction with this.

Katelynn *MIGHT NOT* be able to go because of a stupid court situation. NOT her fault at all, and I would never want her to think it's her fault. Because of this, Jon obviously isn't going to go, which is two people out of the original room plan.

Shawn might not go because of the fact that he lost his phone in his last trip to Silverwood, so Samantha won't go if Shawn can't because Shawn was going to pay for a lot of Samantha's expenses. If they don't go, I'm royally fucked. i'm really hoping they can go. Shawn's mom said that they will almost most definately be able to go. That's good.

Nicole suddenly might not be able to go if we can't get enough people to go but if I can get a group of five together she will almost definately be able to go. I'm going to lend her a costume.

Patrick won't go if he has to pay $50 a night for the hotel. Which means Patrick will be able to go if at least three other people will be able to go.


This situation is sticky. Very sticky. I'm scared that I'm going to end up ALONE with a fucking two bed hotel room that I'll have to cancel and potentially get charged $200!! fuckkk! Because literally, people probably won't know until the day of or the day before. This is so scary. I wish I had as much money as I did last year or this wouldn't be a such a problem. But I might even have to find someone in Spokane that I can stay with if the situation does go to that. Maybe stay with... crap, do I really know anyone that well from last years con? There's Dave, but that's pretty fucking awkward and I doubt his Johovas Witness family would appreciate me sleeping on their couch.

I got together with Samantha, Nicole and Ashley last night, which is when the bomb was dropped on me about the Nicole might not being able to go. I almost started crying.

Ashley was really fun to hang out with and she's changed A LOT since she was last here. She seems a lot happier, and very focused on her boyfriend that lives in Texas but will probably be moving up here to be with her. He's pretty cute, too. I'm happy she's happy, she goes through the same shit as me-- Depression and anger problems, and I know how much it sucks. I really feel for her.

Here's a picture of nicole trying to pick the mushrooms off a cheese steak sandwich that was FULL of them. she hates mushrooms. I didn't assume it had mushrooms on the sandwich automatically, and thought it was lame that it didn't say on the menu that it was practically all mushrooms and hardly any steak. I actually like sauteed mushrooms, but she hatessss them.

Completely unrelated, I really need to get back on track with my school work. tomorrow I'm going to start going to the math tutoring center for two hours a day to figure out this factoring stuff. It's time to step it up. It's time to stop partying, and start benifiting myself. I never realized how easily distracted I am during the summer.


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