Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Success! Now, if I could just get through tomorrow....

Alright so shit has finally fell into place. A little later than last year, but at least it happened. Yay!

Guess who just got $300 for kuro neko con? Woop woop! Can't make this blog entry long, I'm literally going to wake up at 5 and make it to school by 7 am tomorrow to study more math. Went to the tutor center today to get help, and I'm actually feeling okay.

Factoring is just a lot of guessing... Tons of it. And I think if I get to the school very early tomorrow and study for a few hours prior to the test at 10', I will be good to go. I mean, a C- at least, haha. I think I did good on my first biology exam, which took a lot of studying. I even got my lab assignments in early. I feel like school is actually coming together for me now, and I will really enjoy Kuro Neko con this weekend as a prize for all this studying and cramming.

We've finally got the group together.. Me, Samantha, Shawn, Patrick, and Patrick's buddy. unsure who that is yet, but I assume he's pretty chill. Doesn't really matter to me if he's the most obnoxious person on this earth, i'm gonna have a ton of fun. I think my mom and sister took the camera though, which sucks ass because it has my SD card in it. I have my video camera, might have to invest in a new SD card to go with it.... There's a lot of pictures that need to be taken, obviously. And I'd hate to seem vain when i'm taking tons of pictures of myself in my new costume, but hey, who wouldn't. There should be a lot of pictures circulating of me because I'll be working in the maid cafe though, so either way.

Things have been really chill with me and my dad. He seems to respect me as long as I keep the house clean and not bug him. Tomorrow i'm going to clean a lot when I get back from school because I NEED this money that he's given me and all he asks is that I keep shit spotless. Totally reasonable, thank you so much dad.

Not excited for tomorrow in particular but me and Michael are planning on getting together after my test so if I could fast forward to the point that we're together gossiping eating sushi I'd be a happy clam. : ) He's got a lot to tell me about someone he's seeing right now, and i'm pretty excited to hear about how it came together.

Shit, tomorrow I have a biology lab on top of everything. Oh well I guess. I like hanging out with Katie, it's just all the waiting around before class. Tomorrow is going to be a very big day, better bring a sketchbook and my japanese textbook so I can fill some time.


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