Saturday, July 30, 2011

GossipGossipGossip-- ugh!

Nothing is worse than when you have absolutely no plans except for to study for upcoming tests. I'm dreading just the thought of it. Yet, if I do study a little each day, like a couple hours, I'll do WAY BETTER than if I cram it all into one day. I've gotta biology test on monday, which means I need to print out all of the chapter handouts and answer the questions to prepare. I'm wondering if she has the answers posted yet. I'm not SUPER concerned about it, but because I do not understand these chapters that we've worked on in biology the past couple classes, I better study much harder than the previous ones.

Now math. I totally bombed the last quiz, and realized how much I didn't understand the current material. It's funny though, i was able to complete my homework relatively fast in comparison to the first chapter, but this last quiz just totally got me. I am going to study for it a lot today, too. I think if I give two hours to each subject each day until the quiz, I'll be good to go. I have tomorrow and Monday for math and I just have tomorrow for my biology. I can always study on the day of the test too.

Rhiannon's luau party was pretty fun! I saw a lot of the kids from the drama program at ki-be, as well as Collin's girlfriend (I forgot her name), and some of Rhiannon's friends and cousins. I hung out prodominantly with Kat Landoe, Daisy Metcalf and Caitlin Sweeney. I'm a bit concerned. We played truth or dare, a big group of us, and I ended up saying some things during Truth that I typically don't tell a group of people. I am just hoping nothing is said by anyone. Though the thing is, a lot of people said stuff that was pretty crazy too-- though I don't know how much of it was bullshit and how much wasn't. At least I'm not in highschool anymore, and I don't really care what anyone says about me to anyone. Nobody has any proof of anything. I'll post pictures of the party on my facebook later. My mom has the stupid camera cord IN HER OFFICE. fuck!! I'm so done with all of OUR stuff being out there!! She just takes stuff, then leaves it in her office like the next person won't need it.

Things got sort of lame toward the end when I got a text from Sheldon saying, "Guy never left." As in, Guy never left to Hermiston, and that he's been in the tri cities this whole time. At first I was like, wow, wtf? But then I asked him how he knew. Did Guy tell him this? I guess he was at a party with Guy and Cory and a bunch of "people" (didn't identify who) said that Guy never left. At first, I believed Sheldon, but then I got to thinking about it.

On Sheldon's side of things, yes Guy IS shady. I know that. But I do still consider him my friend and I'd rather not dig into his business. But because I hate being lied too, this pissed me off. Guy and I were just talking that day before I went to the party on facebook IM, just pretty much catching up with eachother. No indication of any lying or Guy trying to hook up with me again or anything. He said that he was in the tri-cities for the weekend and if I wanted to hang out at some point or party with him to give him a heads up. I'm not really interested in partying, but it was nice to get the invite I guess? That being said, if he never DID go to Hermiston at all, then he LIED to me, and that's bullshit! I hate lying.

On Guy's side of things, I do have a tiny ounce of trust in the fact that he live down there, at least for awhile, because the last time I saw him I helped him pack and he was completely broke. He probably wanted to get out of Cory's house, considering that Cory and him weren't getting along that great (when I'd been over there the last couple times, at least). But I DID think it was kind of weird that he'd leave as soon as his daughter was born.

So this is what I think. Though I do think that Guy did move down to Hermiston for awhile, and might have his stuff there, he's still been coming up here for days at a time to see his daughter and party.. thus why people thought he never left. Because he was probably coming here once a week at least, which is enough to make people think he was living here.

I just really think Sheldon shouldn't be giving me word of mouth when he doesn't know what he's talking about. I never asked for a spy in regards to anyone's life, and I personally don't really care that much what Guy is doing with his time and where he is living. However, if he's going to be my friend, he shouldn't lie to me. I fucking hate lying. But Sheldon shouldn't continually try to bash on him to me either! I don't even want to be involved in any of this. Sheldon is butthurt because Guy owes his DJs money. This has nothing to do with me.


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