Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun now, no money later. Save money, no fun or time with friends. hmm.

As I've stated before, men can be so stupid.

I mean literally, I just saw one of the grossest things. And it made me realize that I would never, ever want to be with this certain person again. This is someone that I thought I was in love with, literally. I'm not talking about a crush, but I thought I was in love with him for about a year. I thought we had such a connection. Though we haven't talked in awhile, I was randomly browsing around today and came across his profile and realized he is talking to the biggest bimbo dumbass that I've ever known. Like, literally, she's this over-rated, gocky blonde idiot from my class that thinks she's going to be a fucking brain surgeon. Of course this certain guy that I'm talking about is just as dilusional and I think he would be great with her. Wow, a brain surgeon and a computer programmer? You guys are going to make great money together!

I feel that once and for all, I am completely over this person, and never want to see him again.

So to any ladies out there that think that they are in love, you might want to look really closely. Because I've learned that even if I thought for sure that I'd discovered what love is, I never did. I have never been in love in my life.

Sorry, sorry. I'm not in a bad mood and this wasn't meant to be a pessimistic entry but GOD, GROSS!

I seem to a get a lot of people that think I look like Zooey Deschanel. It's a huge compliment to me and I really appreciate it. This was a compliment from YouTube. My new contest is doing good, it's only the 7th and I've got 30+ entries to my giveaway! That's so cool!!

What's sort of sad though is that the stuff that I'm giving away is sort of childish and girly so a lot of my top supporters on youtube aren't even going to enter. I'm going to get a lot of crafty girls that I've recently met through the fimo clay charm community.

Speaking of pointless and girly crafts!

Look how cute these little things are. I just made such a weeaboo status about how much I love these things. I would love to make a konapun video for my youtube channel, but they no longer make these kits and it'd be really hard to come by and very expensive. These little things aren't edible, they don't harden, they are strictly for the enjoyment of making something ridiculously tiny, pointless and adorable.


Holy shit, it is getting very late. I'm surprised how awake I am after that all nighter last night and I've got a lot on my mind today. All I know for sure is that I have to do a lot of homework tomorrow. Tons of math. 

I also am considering getting some highlights after kuro neko con. I'm not sure why, but this hair just seems so heavy for this time of the year. I really like how it looks this dark during the winter but right now it just feels... hot, I don't know how to explain it. Like it's a really cute sweater but it's too hot outside to wear it right now. We'll see. I probably won't even be able to afford it. I'm so bone broke lately, it's ridiculous. I earned a little money doing my mom's hair tonight which I'm going to put on my card. Once I do, I'm going to stop spending money on that card all together. It's just the damn gasoline, it's so expensive, and I'm always having to buy it... I mean I would recluse and save money by simply not going out but the fact of the matter is that I have a life and I like to go out and have fun.

I have completely cut sushi from my diet to save money. I.E. no more sushi day with Katelynn, which sucks. That was our little once a week thing but now I really can't afford it. I have $150. I gotta build on that all I can. Right now I have $30 in my wallet that I'm going to put into my gas tank and hopefully make it last for the next week or so. During the week I can try to earn money by helping around the house or whatever else I can do and hopefully get a profit of some kind. : / It's just so hard.... At least I've got the costume and all I gotta worry about is food and hotel expenses. 


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