Thursday, July 14, 2011

~5~ Shoppingshoppingshopping. And packing.

My head is spinning. This really is my last day of preparations and I'm trying to get all this shit together. I should start with a to-do list so I don't forget anything:

To-Do List between now and Tomorrow @ 1 PM when I leave:
-Get SD card to use for video camera, as well as borrowing camera from Nicole and whoever else will let me use theirs temporarily. (This solves my camera problem. I'm also charging my video camera)
-This evening, once my dad gets home, call my mom about getting my phone turned back on. I should also check the mail and see if my mom has her travel voucher from WSU for her trip.

-Pack up everything except for my makeup, toothbrush, straightener, blowdryer and shampoo/conditioner because I'm going to need it tomorrow morning. Pack after I use it tomorrow so there are no issues. Seems like I always forget a hairbrush on my trips but not this year.

-Get done with math homework and biology stuff (probably before I go to bed tonight)

-Buy some food for myself and others for the hotel room.

-Get ahold of Patrick, Shawn, Nicole,... get the money thing squared away! This is going to be the hardest part of the day considering that I don't have my phone with me and the only way to get ahold of people is via Facebook.

I'm gonna go into town here soon and get what I need. Probably going to get it all at Wal mart, and I want to keep what I spend today under $50, if possible. It's really important that I get everything that I need. I already have a pair of shoes that I can wear (actually two, high heals AND flats, thank you Mom) so that's one thing I don't have to buy. I also gotta arrange getting money from everyone.

Shopping List:
  1. Tide-To-Go stick (Wal Mart, gonna pick this up when I get the money from Patrick)

    2. SD card (same.)

    3. 8 instant ramens-- enough for everyone to have one if they want one. Samantha is bringing some too but I'm gonna bring the Asian store kind. Gonna have to leave right after this blog entry to get them.


    5. Fruit of some kind. Maybe nectarines or kiwis-- probably kiwis so my dad won't dig into it and eat half of them.

    6. Buy whatever other food looks good, maybe some candy or something. Stuff people will like, and will hold me over in the morning as well as on the drive over there.


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