Friday, July 22, 2011

"My boyfriend cheated on me with you so you better back off!!" LOL wtf message.

My mirmee is such an attention whore.

She'll flat walk up, stand right on my computer, and jump down and meow if I don't have her sitting right on top of my chest where I can't type things. She comes to my door every few minutes and meows for me to let her in, and the process repeats itself. Wow, what a demanding pet this cat can be.

I've had a pretty productive day. I've cleaned quite a bit, and filled out the final application. I am really hoping I at least get an interview... that would be a confidence boost in itself. I have to give it like three days, and if I get no e-mail back my effort was futile. Still, it's effort and my parents will appreciate that. This would be a really good job, and it'd be fun to work there. Not only that but it's pretty close to home. 

Here's Miranda again. Sitting on my floor. Staring at me, then licking her arm, then staring at me again. Then she sort of ponders around and smells things, then rubs her head on things. It's funny, I'm so used to cats being around that I rarely pay attention to the funny little things that they do... Lol, now she's having crazy attack sneezes.

Right now I'm making some soup. It's been hard dieting when there's not very much healthy food in the house but I'm making due. Mainly eating a lot of cereal... but my Crispex is now out and all I have is this shitty generic raisen bran that tastes like shit because it's too damn branny. I mean it tastes like sandpaper. And I think kirkland was trying to make up for that by making the raisens sweeter, but they don't NEED to be sweetend. This was a generic FAIL, tastes nothing like real raisen bran. And of course there's a whole giant costco box of it. I'M MAD ABOUT THIS.

 ..okay, this soup is delicious. It's chunky beef and has veggies and noodles in it. Campbells chunky soups are pretty good, and they're not bad for you either. I think a whole can of it is 400 calories, and the sodium content is pretty high, but I don't drink the broth part of it which probably downs the salt significantly.

So I just checked my messages on my phone, and I got a call that said something like this:

"Uhm yeah, I can't believe I'm doing this... Your supposid boyfriend was doing me way before he was doing you, and he cheated on me with you. So yeah, you need to get that through your thick skull and back off. Seriously. So YEEEAH maybe we could get together sometime, maybe paint our nails! Like seriously!"
Then hung up. It sounded... really weird. I originally thought it was Dave's girlfriend Andrea. Not because she's immature or anything, but because the voice sounded sort of like hers and Dave was the most recent person I'd talked too. Not that me and Dave have anything going on, but we are friends and sort of liked eachother last year. I called him and Dave denied that she said anything, and then I talked to her.

Andrea said she was sleeping last night and that she didn't have my number. GOOD. I was really happy it WASN'T her, because I actually LIKE Andrea and more than likely she's going to be at future anime cons or whatever I go to in Spokane and I don't want her hating me.

Then I thought about Guy. Honestly, having not talked to him in a week or so, I couldn't help but wonder maybe some girl freaked out after seeing the picture of us as his default. Maybe if he DID actually have a girlfriend and cheated on her with me that she just now found out or something. It sounded weird, though, considering that it doesn't seem like Guy wants to be tied down with anyone considering his baby and stuff.

I called him, and he was apparently cleaning his Dad's barn (he's still down in Hermiston), and said that he didn't have a girlfriend and that his last girlfriend was his "Baby's momma", Ashley. I don't think Ashley would be calling me.. and even if she did I don't think she would sound like a 12 year old. Besides, she has a boyfriend anyway and wouldn't care much if I was with Guy in the first place.

So it's a mystery. There's no call back number. I'm sort of assuming it's actually my cousin Zoe prank calling me because it sounded sort of like her. Still, it was sort of a pain in the ass to have to call Guy and Dave to investigate. I've only gotten one other call like this, and it was from Mariah Muth about Mitch Misset and me hanging out. The weird thing about THAT is that me and Mitch hadn't been hanging out in months and we had nothing going on at all at the time. So I've been thinking back even further.

...My last boyfriend was Indy. That was forever ago. Like this last winter.

Anyway, I gtg. Just thought I'd share that with yall.


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