Friday, July 29, 2011

Going to a luau party! And a rant about sexy versus unflattering one-piece swimsuits.

So, the lonnnnng awaited Luau party for Rhiannon is in about two hours, and I'm happy I have a plan for today other than going to the bank and getting some information for my job up at Burbank. I'm still intending on taking the job at Nuveau if I am offered, but I am probably going to arrange my hours at Burbank based on when Nuveau needs me, if they do. Neither job seems to have that many hours available, so I should be able to afford it.

Our dishwasher was just fixed and my dad made a complete ass of himself to the man that was here. He kept on leaving, so I kept on having to find him while this poor serviceman just stands there trying to be patient. I wish my dad would just be normal once and awhile about stuff like this. Like he was all yelling about how my mom "bailed." Uhm, she went to work... like you should probably be doing, but instead you're working on the shed outside. I think that shed has caused a lot of problems, and all because of stupid fucking Ty continually harrassing my dad to get off Grandma's property.

Recently my cousin Anthony was in the hospital, though I have no idea why because I'm not in contact with that side of my family anymore. I'm sort of assuming it has to do with his feet. He runs and walks on his tip-toes, which I've heard indicates some sort of physical disability, so maybe they're getting that taken care of so he can run properly. My aunt apparently posted a status about it and my mom read it, but I haven't heard any of the details. All I know is that my aunt Terry and my Grandma were in the hospital with my cousin, but that doesn't indicate that my cousin's mom was in the hospital as well. I haven't talked to Traci in ages either, regardless of the fact that I think she's the only one on that side of the family that doesn't hate me.

So, I thought today i'd do a rant on..
One Piece Swimsuits

I'm going to do a little rant on here about one piece swim suits. I honestly think they are the ugliest things ever on anyone over twelve years old if they look like the one pictured above. I know that for some girls that are a little bit bigger and want to cover up their midsection, one-pieces are a must, otherwise they'd feel like everyone is staring if they are wearing a two piece. But to be honest, I think that wearing a plain cut one piece is the most UNFLATTERING suit on ANYONE, big or small.
I remember being about in the 5th grade and being sort of chunky and wearing a lime green one piece like the one above. Not so flattering. I remember feeling fat wearing it.

There are other, much more flattering one pieces for bigger girls. For instance:

This black swimsuit is very flattering and slimming.

Halter tops are really flattering on practically everyone.

Again, really flattering halter dress.
Color is important too. Though this swimsuit is super vibrant, it's really gorgeous on tan skin.

That being said, I do not know why some bigger girls that choose to wear one pieces tend to settle for swimsuits that are plain cut and don't flatter anything! It doesn't matter what size you are, every woman can be sexy in a swimsuit.

And it's not just big girls too. The same goes for all body types. Personally, I'm curvy I have a booty so I tend to try to find bikini bottoms that are more boy short cut so I don't have my ass completely hanging out.

Then there are girls that are super-super skinny that shouldn't wear swimsuits like this that make them look even MORE flat chested and boyish.

Just thought I'd do a rant on this. Gotta go get ready.


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  1. "Then there are girls that are super-super skinny that shouldn't wear swimsuits like this that make them look even MORE flat chested and boyish."
    Seriously? I think Olivia Wilde has an amazing body and looks great here. Stop body shaming. Calling a thin girl "boyish" is offensive and just not true. Not having huge breasts doesn't make you any less of a woman. Being "flat-chested" isn't a bad thing. I'm quite glad I have small breasts, for many reasons. They are one of the favourite parts of my body. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are naturally very slender. Some people are born that way. Let them be proud, just as curvy women should be. Stop body shaming. It's as bad as calling someone fat.


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