Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm defining overpack. WHAT IS THIS, SNOT SOUP?!

I wish bag ramen actually looked like this.


I have two suitcases-- one for my costume, one for my clothes/underwear/hairdryer/etc... I have a bag full of ramen and other snacks for me and my roomates. I have a plastic bag with plastic bowls and forks (I forgot this last year and nobody had hardly any of the ramen last year because of it). I have my bag for makeup, along with hair supplies and my pills. I have my video camera bag, the little camera in my purse bag. So I'm 100% prepared. I could probably live on the stuff I packed for a week. See, because it's better to overpack than underpack.. unless you're my Dad, then you WAY WAY overpack and end up causing yourself more schlepping then it's even worth.

It's about 12' right now. A little later than I intended on leaving but I have no rush. Samantha and Shawn are getting up there early so they can basically have a date, so I'm not going to go and bug em ya know? hehe.

I'm planning on leaving after my lunch though. I'm eating chicken gumbo. I have no clue what's in this but it's low fat and will keep me full so I'm happy. It tastes like a tomato broth but there's these little tiny plum colored spice things that float to the top that give it the "Gumbo" flavor. Not as good at the stuff I had at Sterlings, but not bad. Campbells little canned soups never really impress me unless it's tomato.

I've been downloading a lot of music. Not because I'm trying to impress anyone that I'm going with-- because I'm not driving up there with anyone. But because I'm wanting new stuff to listen too. I really need to buy some CDs, I'm getting sick of a lot of my music. Not saying that I don't LIKE any of it, I mean System of a Down and Coheed and Cambria are my loves, but I've found that listening to them gives me such nostalgia-- both of good, and bad times. SOAD reminds me so much of highschool that it's hard to listen too. Will I still be singing a little of it on my way there? Probably. It's a three hour drive, i'm gonna be listening to a lot of stuff. I wish I had more upbeat music, because that's what I'm feeling like listening too.

I'm downloading a lot of The Zombies, my new found interest, even if the band is from like 40 years ago.


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