Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maid Cafe updates ~3~

So I just got a message about the orientation from Kara, the leader of the maid cafe. The orientation is going to be on the 14th, which of course I can't make because I can't go up there a few days early for a one hour orientation. It's a three hour drive, and I can't afford to do it twice. I'd be nice to make the orientation, but I'm the only one of the maids that is not from Spokane and I think they should understand.

I looked at the e-mails that the orientation notice was sent too, and wanted to find out who each person is so I know their names right off the bat and know their faces.

This is who I'm working with:

Dressed as Misty last year. I don't really remember her being at the con last year at all or talking to her but she was there. She dressed as Misty. She's into indie rock fashion, so I'm interested in the costume she comes up with. : )


Her profile is private. Those are some crazy boots. I am sort of guessing she is going to be wearing something gothic lolita, lets see if I'm right.

Agatsuma, or Jennifer.

I really like Jennifer! I've talked to her already off and on, and met her last year. She is one of the main leaders of Kuro Neko, she does A LOT of the setting up and puts a ton of work into this con. Her girlfriend Jami is really cool too. I'm excited to work with her because I know she will help me out and make sure I know everything that I need to know there. She always takes a LOT of pictures too, so I'm excited that there's gonna be a lot of con pictures that I'll be in if I'm working with her.

I think she'll be crossplaying as a character from Ouran Host Club.

Lavariel. She did the cafe last year and I remember being sort of envious of her job! haha. She is Brooke's girlfriend, or at least was I don't know if they are together now. They were together for quite a few months though, and I know they were during the.. erm, fight I guess between me and Ashleigh. So, more than likely she doesn't like me right off the bat based on what Brooke has said, but hopefully she won't judge and will take the time to meet me instead of jumping to conclusions.

This profile is blocked to strangers on facebook, too. This is another girl I'm working with. I definately don't remember seeing her at the con last year, but she was probably there too.

I'm assuming this is her stage name, so I'm also assuming this is what she's going to go by at the con. She looks like she's REALLY into anime and drawing. She's really interesting looking, and has done some really good cosplays. I'm also really excited to see what she comes up with. She's really pretty and does a lot of goth makeup. I'm guessing that she's going to do goth lolita too.

Alberto, Kalixto, whatever.
Yep, Alberto is going to be working at the maid cafe, and he's going to be L. As you guys know, not my favorite person in the world because he has said shit about me everywhere even after I apologized to reacting the way I did to being completely ditched at Sakura Con last year. It's been quite awhile since this has happened, and I would definately be able to forgive and forget as I have the other people in that group because they haven't gone around talking about me.

I'm going to act like nothing ever happened, and try to avoid him as much as possible.

She's who runs the maid cafe and has arranged everything involved, as well as figure out who's going to be volunteering. I sent her my application for this about two months ago and have been getting email updates since. There's a LOT of volunteers involved in this con, it's pretty crazy! But it'd take a lot of people to figure out what three hundred people are going to do for two days.

Things just keep on getting more exciting with this con, especially now that my costume is fully ready!!


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