Friday, January 17, 2014

Don't need no man, got yo' own bands, put up yo' hands

You guys ready to twerk this weekend? Whooo!!! 

Well I suppose that doesn't go out to all of my readers. And I apologize to those of you that are offended or distracted by the Twerkgif. But in spirit of the fact that it's Friday in 15 minutes I'm leaving the gif the way it is and those of you that are offended can just scroll up. 

I'd been looking for workout music and came across this playlist earlier: 

That is also where you can find the rest of these twerk gifs.
No homo.

Not on the playlist but found this by one of the same artists, catchy as Hell! 

Makes me look forward to start riding my bike when the weather gets nicer. Right now the weather here has been really unpredictable temperature wise, one day it will be freezing cold and the next you could get by wearing a light sweater. It's been a dry season so there hasn't been any snow luckily. Safer driving.

Of course I shouldn't have to worry about any of the problems on the roads anymore because my first and only class is at 1 pm. Yup, today I realized I'm not cut out for a finance major. Last night I spent over 2 hours studying to make up the homework that was due Tuesday that I was unable to complete because of the book situation. I made these crazy detailed flash cards, not only to teach me Finance formulas but also to remember how to transfer information in income statements and working with the rules of balance sheets. 
Red flag. 

I haven't taken accounting in over a year and I was not prepared for that class. For some reason I figured finance would be much more similar to what I was used to but it was almost a whole different ballpark. And it's not like I had an easygoing professor, I was lucky enough to get stuck with the self-proclaimed "anal orifice." 

As you all know it's hard for me to lower my self standards on anything. When I realized I wasn't going to do the double major the first person I wanted to talk to about it was Terry because he'd switched from a finance major to economics pretty shortly after we'd first met. I don't think Terry actually ever took a finance class either, though. I know if he saw the amount of time consuming actuarial math and formula memorizing that class required he would have done the same thing. 

He was empathetic because he knew how much it means to me to succeed to my highest potential. He reminded me that it sucks when self realizations like this happen but "One major is plenty! : )" My parents talked it over and think it will also be better for me, especially because it will put me in a lot less debt. 

Alright I'm going to bed.


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