Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm sorry I'm a night person.


Soo... I just completely unintentionally pushed my neighbor to the limits this evening by accidentally having my music up too loud. I was working out listening to hip hop, as I do on the regular, but admittedly I hadn't adjusted my volume.... She banged on my door and I ran to my computer to turn down the volume. She said, "You need to turn that down, my kids are trying to sleep. F*cking ridiculous." I'm going to write her a note to apologize and tell her that I will be more conscious of it as well as apologize for the time that she didn't say anything because I know how hard that can be.

This is my guilt face. 

I just have weird night habits. My kitchen is downstairs and my bedroom is upstairs. I'm a nightowl and will sometimes forget to turn off the heater so will come down to turn it off or grab a glass of water or snack or whatever. I need to remember to be more courteous, especially at night. I exercise at weird hours. Like here it is almost 12 am and I'm up working out.

Oi.... Well, I'll write a note and hopefully patch things up... and again be more conscious of it. I'll likely leave a note before I go to bed. I'm planning to wake up early to meet with Debi B. and talk about this office assistant position that I applied for but didn't get a call. Then in my macro class today my friend Kevin told me that he got a call for an interview this Friday. I'm like what, you got an interview? I haven't gotten a call for an interview...

So I'm going to hopefully rub elbows with someone tomorrow and get in for an interview.


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