Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Enter 2014

Damn you know what I just realized? In 2013 I wrote 199 blog entries, could have had a perfect 200!!

Well that doesn't matter. Today was the supposed day that we were leaving, but I realized how mistaken I was when my Dad walked in this morning, "Hey you know you can take my car to downtown Atascadero and check it out!!" Uh, yeah no thank you I could give honestly give a rats a** about any of the overpriced junk they could try to sell me at those boutiques downtown.

Yesterday was New Years eve so we had a jam packed, interesting day. We started out going to Morro Bay to walk down by the water a bit. As you can see I'm wearing a sparkly shirt and jeans, not my normal beach attire but I'm glad I wore these pants because it was a little chilly. I mean not chilly in comparison to what I've become accustomed to at home at all but I should have brought a sweatshirt. 

I wore this same outfit out that night for a couple New years parties that our aunt brought us too. Her and Adam have a way of knowing about events and things to do. We first went to a party being held in what appeared to be a multipurpose building that might have been a church. There was this 80's metal cover band that was going super loud and lots of biker-y looking adults hanging around. We looked and felt pretty out of place there, but luckily I'd already sipped down 4 rum and cokes that night and it didn't bother me much. 

Anyway we left that party at around 11'. We had a big New years eve dinner at my Grandma's that evening, followed by some drinks at my aunts house, so I only think we stayed at that first party for 30 minutes. We next went over to this barn style building, I think the bar is actually called "The Ranch." 

It's f*cking weird partying and getting drunk around your family, especially when your Mom and aunt (and my aunt's friends, we came in a group so luckily that took some of the awkwardness away from this situation....) are like getting down on the dance floor to live reggae. Even my tipsy mind was like, nooo that's alright, you guys go ahead I'll just sit here, drink more and check the time every so often to see how long until I get out of here.... Though I'm not saying I was mortified by them, or that I didn't have a good time at all. It's just weird when you're in a bar and you've got guys hitting on you all over but you look over and see your Dad standing by the wall. 

I must have gotten picked up on by 6 separate guys last night, a couple of which were in the reggae band that played there. Ha ha, takes more than good guitar skills to woo me. I danced with a few but this was only after around 12:45 am when I was good and sloshed and knew my family was too drunk to be paying attention to what I was doing. The rest of the time I spent making bullshit conversation with guys that picked up on me, sitting by my sister or wandering around.

That was definitely the most interesting new year I've had in a long time. Moving on to a new year. What are my resolutions this year?

New Years Resolutions 2014

1. Make it a goal to practice 80 minutes a day, every day. This amount of time is not too much to take away from the rest of my life but provides enough practice to be making solid steps toward improvement on the guitar. 

2. Do 100 sit ups and 100 squats per day.  

3. Do hand massages every day to increase playing dexterity.

4. Be more proactive about checking my email.

5. Get a job in Ellensburg.

6. Actively use the law of attraction. Be kind to others and give love in order to receive love. Avoid negative thoughts or being a hater in any form, even if it's just in casual conversation. Accept that people are the way they are and should be accepted as such.

I've made a lot of progress in 2013-- on the guitar, spiritually, mentally and probably physically considering I have barely been sick this year. This year I was pretty poor, this year I'd like to make more money like I did in 2012. 

No word back from Sipic or the business office on the job posting yet. Still crossing my fingers. In two days I will call them. 


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