Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last road trip with my father.

It's 1:35 am.

Having gotten barely any sleep last night I know I could have easily crashed after dinner if I wanted too. Instead I've decided to stay up until 2 am when we plan to leave to make it easier to sleep a good chunk of the car ride. I took a nap earlier today so I thought it'd be easy to stay up this late but because I hadn't gotten a good night sleep in the first place this has proved to be quite a challenge.

Today was a pretty relaxing day. My Grandma went to work yesterday morning and we haven't seen her since. I have no idea what work she could be doing that would require her to stay overnight, at some point I'll have to bring this up to my mom in the car. This morning I wasn't hungover because I drank a lot of water and ate throughout the day. I've probably gained weight on this trip, I'm not going to lie. That's why I've got my New years resolution to try to combat this little roll under my belly button that I know will get worse if I continue to drink and eat out a lot.

I've noticed that by improving my posture and increasing the amount of squats that I do I have firmed that "love handle" hazard area so that's been good.

I'm getting so tired... I can't imagine my Dad actually getting up at 2 am, I'm more thinking along the lines of 3:45. The plan is that we're going to drive the rest of the night and make it back home without stopping at a hotel. My Dad didn't let any of us drive the entire drive last time and I'm hoping to God he lets my Mom this time because my Dad's driving makes me sick.

Today my Dad caught my Mom and I in the music room and I told him that Katelynn have this joke that he looks just like the Pokemon gym leader Giovanni and we all got a good laugh at it

My Dad's driving sucks. He drives too fast, then gets way up close to other drivers, then slams on his breaks... Then blames everyone else on the road and curses about it!! I'm not looking forward to that for the next 20 hours at all. I miss Marshall so much, I just want to get home safely. I'm just praying to God we do and that my mom and sister take shifts driving us.


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