Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why should I care, really.. People.

You know what I hate about facebook?

When you realize someone's deleted you. And I mean someone that you were in contact with over the past year and thought you were at least decent friends... Found out earlier tonight that Jason T. deleted me as a friend, one of the first people I met at Central. I realized this when I was showing his profile to my friend Michael when he mentioned he rock climbed and I'm like "Oh do you know Jason T..?" and looked up his profile and I was like "Oh wow, he deleted me, well this is him...." Ha ha. Yeah it happens. So that'll be the last time you guys'll ever hear about Jason! ha ha, like any of you are keeping track of the people that come in and out of my life...

I had a fun evening. My friend Michael came over to help me with some math from a macro assignment and we ended up just chillin for awhile and studying. He's really smart and enjoyable to talk too. We were drinking and BSing (no class tomorrow) and he mentioned his girlfriend being a computer science and engineering major which I thought was pretty sick so I'm hoping to meet her at some point too. Michael was in my public finance class and lives in the same complex so it was nice to have someone to hang out with instead of studying alone.

Aww, Marshee's sleeping on the ground waiting for Mama to come to bed.... My baby. :-3 Tomorrow I have no classes and I've gotten the majority of my homework done so most of my day will be spent practicing more than likely. I've also gotta start looking for a job... seriously. I stuck all my eggs in one basket with that office assistant job and that's not going to pan out. Back to the drawing board!


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