Friday, January 24, 2014

Venus Palermo, an interesting character I discovered on My Strange Addiction last night.
She's a 16 year old "Living Doll" from Switzerland living in England, pretty much the new Queen of Lolita style on Youtube. She's really talented and dedicated to what she does. She spends long hours working on her videos and practicing Japanese and I think she has a very good chance of being successful model or actress in Japan someday. The episode gives you a very interesting look inside her life. But she's a diamond in one of thousands of girls like this:

Emily, another lolita fashion lover featured on the episode. She's very dedicated to what she does and likes to dress and wear her makeup like this anytime she can. Problems obviously arrive when she's trying to spend time around her family and they're criticizing her and she's unable to get a job because society doesn't accept this. That's the reality of this style of 99.9% of girls that try to be a "living doll." I do wish the best for Emily though. In the episode she seems really insecure and just wants to escape which I can relate too, I was a lot like Emily back in like 2010. 

So yeah I was super excited to find their third and fourth seasons available on Amazon for $1.99.. I bought the "I'm a living doll episode" and another episode called "Proud to be Plastic" about this woman that's gotten massive plastic surgeries...

Yeah soo... Let that first little paragraph be a representation of how productive I was yesterday.

Yesterday I had horrrible body aches, felt unmotivated to do anything and felt really lonely/on the verge of tears. A good majority of the day I spent sleeping, the rest was eating, cleaning my kitchen, practiced about an hour of guitar and had a good lesson with Jake (but right after that practicing ceased for the night.....), and read about half an econ chapter. So really I only had a couple productive hours yesterday and the rest was either spent sleeping or sitting on my ass because I felt so drained. 

PMS sucks. 

Here's living bombshell Lacey Wildd and her hilariously humongous tits. If I haven't already convinced you to go check out this series I'll convince you to at least buy this episode "Proud to be Plastic" to see what this bitch can do with a flashlight.

Anyway today is going to be a much better day because it's Friday and I'm going to see Ryan! I'm hoping we're going to go out tonight, I want to go to the 301 and dance. 

I'm also planning to get some schoolwork and practicing done before this evening as well. Gotta get more done than yesterday.


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