Friday, January 31, 2014

First 400 level test... shit's about to get real


Okay so, it's midnight... Again with this staying up super late. This night I'm going to make an improvement by trying to actually be asleep by 1:30 am. I know that doesn't sound like a major success but when you're like me and have been on this crazy routine where I'm eating the last meal of the day at 1 and finally getting to sleep at 3 am it's an improvement.... Last night I don't think I slept at all. Then I slept in until 1, actually got up at 2:30 pm, and felt like a complete sh*thead this morning for making zero improvement to my sleeping habits this week.
Six hours of studying and I'm still not 100% prepared....

Meh. Whatever, it is what it is. I have to think about what's important.

 Tomorrow I've got a big econ exam that since the beginning of this week have studied 6 1/2 hours for.  I'm planning on doing a few more before I go take the test... if things go right tomorrow morning that is and I'm able to actually get some sleep tonight like a normal person.

Guitar lessons went really well today. Jacob continues to be such an incredible inspiration for me. I was finally able to print Jacob's handtabbed Rondo alla Turca.. It's 6 pages long, he was able to transcribe the entire thing perfectly-- slurs, rests and all, on guitar pro for me in less than a week. He sent it to me last Thursday but I didn't get a chance to print it until yesterday but I did manage to get sufficient practice time before the lesson. He was impressed with the progress that I'd made on it so that made me happy, but he told me that this weekend when I come back to the tri cities I HAVE to get my strings re-set. He's going to refer me to a guy that could do it in 2 weeks for $50. 

You can see why I haven't done this yet. For me $50 is a lot of money considering I'm not earning any. The lessons are tough for me to pay for as it is and it seems like this Floyd Rose tremelo has cost me way more than it's worth from day 1. If I hadn't had the Floyd Rose on my guitar I could have changed the strings myself, saving me $30 every time I needed to change strings... And now I have to spend $50 to get the bridge adjusted. It's really stupid.

I think the bottom line is that I need a job. I've honestly made zero effort to find one because I've been so focused on this econ test. Tomorrow I plan to start looking after the test. I will come home to my apartment at around 2:15 pm, hopefully if things go right tomorrow morning feeling confident about the test and then I'll start the job search.

Alright talk to you guys later...


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