Monday, January 9, 2012

That amazing feeling I get....

When I successfully complete something that I didn't understand before.

Just got done with my Visual Basic homework, and I'm almost sure I did all of the projects right. I'm also enjoying the fact that I can add little bits of customization to my projects as well, like background images. I'd post a picture of my first project but it's on my junk drive and I'm too lazy. Visual Basic itself is a drag and drop interface, which makes setup a breeze. Reminds me almost of setting up a yearbook page. But yeah, figuring out the program took me a few hours, but now that I've got it I feel set.

I also have an accounting quiz tomorrow that I need to study for... I'll probably just look over the chapter. Oh, and a Japanese quiz on top of that. That should be semi easy though, the vocabulary isn't that hard this week. It's pretty stressful but I'm trying to stay as calm as possible and take things one step at a time. My planner helps a lot with that.

Living with low blood sugar is hard because if I don't frequently snack during the day I get really weak and sick feeling in only a few hours. I try to snack on healthy food, like cereal and stuff.

I'm so hungry right now. I feel empty.... I'm sitting in the room across from the library Epicenter. The Collab room. I'd print out my assignments but I have literally no change to purchase the prints. That being said, hopefully I'll get the opportunity to print them sometime in class. I don't have a break between my accounting class and Visual basic to do some last minute catchup.

I sort of wish I wasn't taking accounting. I don't enjoy it very much and it's hard work. I'm still trying to get the basics of it down but it's really weird... thinking backwards and forwards and trying to remember all the terms and procedures. It'll be good for me to get through this class though. It might not be the easiest task, but it'll help me out a lot in the long run. The purpose of being here (and sometimes I forget this...) is to learn, and if anything coming out of this accounting class will give me a perspective on what my Dad does every day, as well as help me with budgeting later down the line.

The reason that I haven't gone home yet is that I'm going to a bonfire over in Kennewick at 7' or so. I'm gonna leave here around 6' and grab some taco bell or something, I need to eat or I'm going to be miserable. I need to try to study some Japanese before I go. Mehh. I really don't think my brain has the capacity to get through accounting studying right now.... neeeeed food.


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