Thursday, January 12, 2012

30. Just waiting for work.

Well, I'm enjoying being at school not doing much of anything. I really should be working on my accounting homework while I have the chance but I have a four day weekend ahead of me. I have work at 5' so I should probably leave here around 4'; gonna grab some Taco Bell for a late lunch. Otherwise I'll be a very hungry bitch. Oh, that reminds me, I gotta stop by Wal mart and get some Bronkaid too. Haven't bought it in awhile but I need to buy a couple weeks worth, especially now that school is started up again. That shit is a Godsend, it completely aleviates my ADHD for a few hours.

Right now I'm downloading some Daler Mehndi music. To anyone that doesn't know who he is, he did the Tunak Tunak Tun song which you've probably heard before. It's an okay song, but sort of annoying in my opinion. I like a lot of his other stuff though, it's really fun to dance too! My favorite song is Har Taraf Tera Jalwa.I like to dance to it for some quick cardio exercise in my room. Man, that makes me want to go home. I don't want to be here... I don't want to be at Rite Aid either. I'm still really bad about my hours. I need to make a spreadsheet for all my hours that I've worked and how much I was paid to prove that I haven't been paid properly. . . But damn it I don't have my fucking hours because I don't have my planner! Errg. Well, I'll bring it up to Jay today.... maybe get a print out of the transaction or something. I'm about to throw a fit, it's been six weeks now.

Vapor cannon. These babies range from $90-140. Seems about the right price range and look how pretty. The best part is, these things pay for themselves.

I'd be more excited about this if I had gotten paid in full, but I'm intending on buying a vaporizor with Robert tomorrow. The max I'm gonna spend on it is a hundred dollars, but I've really wanted one for a long time. A vaporizer is like, the KING of smoking methods. A lot of people use them in bathrooms, their car, wherever they need to get blazed discretely. This isn't what I'm going to use it for though. I'm still going to keep the smoking in my bedroom/bathroom, but on the bright side this is much less... err, scented. My room won't smell reeky after I smoke anymore. I've heard it's pretty powerful though. Apparently vaporizers eliminate the toxins from smoking. That's... too good to be true, even if marijuana is proven to be much less harmful than both cigarettes and alcohol. I'd really like Da Budda vaporizer, but it's too diehard and expensive for me right now. Maybe it'll be a graduation present to myself one day.

2 o'clock now. I should really get some stuff done. I've had a very productive day today. Studied Japanese and accounting, and even got a project done for Visual Basic. I'm getting ahead in that class again. Well, I'm significantly ahead of a lot of the adults in there that are extremely confused. I am starting to feel sort of sorry for one of them, who was saying today "I'm just wasting my time..." Such a Debbie Downer but I understand how she feels. I sometimes felt like that in math... but then I buckled down and learned that shit because I knew I didn't have any other choice. Maybe if she does the same she'll get it.

Having any initiative to do anything on a Thursday night is like waving a candy bar in front of my face and then having me eat a bowl of cold broccoli (I like steamed broccolli too much to turn that down). There just seems to be more interesting things to do. Ha ha that's clever I'm gonna post that as my status.

Well hey I better get going, peace


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