Wednesday, January 25, 2012

36. And when my back is against the wall...

I somehow pull myself out.

I studied for nearly four hours tonight total, and my Dad helped me a LOT with my accounting work (understanding the material, prodominantly, and I feel more ready for lectures). Not to mention I also got time to play guitar for an hour and I was able to sloppily play through the first minute and 30 seconds of Lonely Day with the recording. This is an accomplishment, that intro is pretty difficult-- well for me anyway, picking individual strings versus just bar chords is more of a challenge. But practice should help that. It's one of my favorite songs by System, and if I get this one down that'll be number 3 on my New Years resolution to learn all of there songs. At the rate I'm going I doubt I'll learn *all* of them but I can try my best at least.

I don't have room to complain, lately I can say that I've been enjoying the quality of life a lot more. Trying to use my time productively has helped a lot, and even if playing guitar isn't nessasarily more "productive" than playing the sims or messing around on Gaia, it makes me feel a lot better about how I'm spending it.

Studying a lot helps too. It's just a matter of GETTING STARTED. Just a couple hours makes a HUGE difference.


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