Sunday, January 15, 2012

...Typical Sunday madness at Rite Aid. 31.

I've gotten really sick of chocolate.

This pain that was in my mind yesterday seems to have transfered to the rest of my body. Cramps are killing me and I am having a hard time getting motivated to clean my room.

I'm happy to say that yesterday's sad moodiness was more due to PMS than anything. To anyone who reads this, sorry for TMI but this is my blog and I can write whatever I want. Besides, if anyone gets offendid that's kind of silly because it's a part of life. Anyway, it makes me happy that it was just PMS because I really thought I was on the border of having a major break down yesterday. Well, I did cry, but I ended up feeling better and later hanging out with Mitch and Lindy and a couple of Lindy's friends so it ended up being a pretty good night. I think I'm getting better at controlling my depression.

Work today was fast paced. I hung tags and got more done than I've ever done in a single day. I not only got my stack done, but all of Damon's seasonal as well and even a few of Tammy's sheets when I got sick of my stupid stack of salon brand products that we don't even carry in the store. I worked eight hours, that's... $72, sweet! Spent $16 though on a new box of Bronkaid. Turns out Rite aid sells it in 60 caplet boxes for only $10. Not saving me much money, but it saves me having to buy more of it for awhile. I just take two in the morning. So yeah, month supply.

Katelynn might be coming over tonight but I don't even want to smoke right now. I'm going to go clean that vaporizor pipe out though in case she wants to use it. Ha ha, who wouldn't.


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