Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My favorite holiday is coming!

Today was crazy cold. The roads are icey and I had a really hard time not crashing this morning. It would of been easier if I hadn't of been in such a rush, which I blame on the fact that I woke up late because I was too damn distracted to set my alarm clock properly last night. I just fixed it when I got home, reminded of how annoying that was after driving 35 mph all the way home from CBC today.

So the concert is today, yahoo! Well, I'm listening to Theory of a Deadman right now on Spotify... 

....and I don't like it at all. I'm gonna try and cover up this the best that I can. Listening to "Lowlife." What the hell, this is there greatest hit? This is depressing and stupid. Okay, next greatest hit... The Bitch Came Back. I imagine what group this appeals too, and it makes me sort of grossed out.

Yeah, this stuff is horrible. I don't want to see this. Too late to flake now.
Take a listen and tell me that's not completely ridiculous.

Looks like I'm gonna be getting blazed tonight. Because honestly, who could possible enjoy... Okay, I need to stop. Optimism is key. I just put my hair up, I look pretty cute, maybe I should take a new facebook default.


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