Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keep praying, just keep waiting.. 32.

I've got $605 in the bank, and I'd prefer not to go under $500 by my paycheck next Thursday if I can help it. This means things are tight. Really cheap, as always. It probably wasn't nessasary for me to buy that vaporizor and spend 1/3 of my paycheck, but hey, I'm not too stressed about it. I've still got plenty of time to save up the $5,000 by the time I get out of here. Just little by little. I feel that recent splurge will last me a good long time, and it's going to be the only smoking device I'll need. Honestly, though, I've been trying to cut back on smoking period. I promissed myself that I wouldn't smoke this week until Friday. . .

That reminds me, Tyler Davenport invited me to go to a Theory of a Deadman concert with him at the Toyota Center. I intend on going but I'm gonna be honest you guys I can't name one song by them. I am probably gonna have to look up their music online tonight. I don't know if I'm in the current position to go, though, considering that I have so many tests this week, but he's got two tickets and seems to really want to go with me. Haha more than likely he'll flake out so I shouldn't worry about it.

All I know is they play on 97 rock a lot. The singer is pretty hot, though.

I'm so hungry. I'm probably gonna make these copies and go.

Today I have to get finished with some accounting assignments, research Provigil, study my kanji for a couple hours, and do a Visual basic project. OH, and I need to buy Alan a new Alice in Chains CD. First I need to gut my car to see if I can find it. That, and that Helter Skelter book that has been hanging over my head like a dead goose. If I wasn't such a spacy person I wouldn't have to pay for either of these things, but I lost Alan's CD and I lost the library book so that's probably going to be $40 out of my pocket in the long run. The library book can wait though, they've only bugged me about it once.

..But I have no idea where that book is. It could be under my seat, or I could of turned it in already.

Deep thoughts for today? Not really. My mom cut my bangs and I think they look cute. I feel pretty confident with myself today. Depression seems to be coming to a halt for the time being. This always happens at school. I'm almost too busy to be depressed. I guess this is why I love school, and hopefully someday I'll have a good enough career for myself to keep myself preoccupied as well.
I'm gonna go home and try to get as much work done as I can. I need to get started before I get more preoccupied and look down at the clock and it's 7'.

I now know how to play Holy Mountains all the way through, without screwing up, and without looking at tabs. That's pretty good. : ) Songsterr has definately been worth it so far. I started working on the song A.D.D. last night. System of a Down tabs seem to have certain patterns, and difficulty wise I'd say they're a little harder than Rammstein but easier than the Metallica I've tried to learn. Maybe it's harder for me to play Metallica because I don't like their music nearly as much as SOAD. Actually, I'd say I like about 60% of their songs, and the other 40% is annoying shredding.


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