Sunday, January 22, 2012

34. From redneck rafting to redneck sledding down concrete hills.

This weekend has been a freaking blast, to the point that I haven't been able to write much.

I luckily got all my work done today, Sunday, of course. But I don't regret having fun on the weekends if I'm still maintaining good grades. God, I need to take it easy on myself once in awhile.

There's a lot to say but I'll keep it short because I've gotta go to bed pretty soon. I feel sort of sick today, probably from my lack of sleep last night and being out in the cold for hours on end on Friday. I'll just talk about Friday first and post the pictures and then maybe I'll talk about Saturday tomorrow when I'm at school or something.

After Cece told me what she had to deal with during the weekends when she's stuck at her Mom's house, I thought I'd give her a place to stay for 24 hours or so. Granted, if it was my apartment I'd be open to letting someone stay as they like but it's my parents place and they don't like people being over too long, even if they're as incredibly helpful to have around like Cece is.

She did my nails almost immediately when she came over. I was in my room playing the guitar when she came up, and I played a couple songs before putting it up. She seemed really enthusiastic and brought her own nailpolish and everything. So I figured, what the Hell, haven't done manicures and pedis since I was ten! She did a pretty nice job. In the picture it looks like my toenails are yellow but they're a lot more clear than it appears. Anyway, I thought it was a really sweet gesture.

Mitch came over at about 6'. This picture was actually taken after sledding, nothing we took outside came out clear enough. With Lindy, it's pretty hard to make clear plans, so we (Mitch, Cece and I) enjoyed flying down that hill at the end of the road. Unfortunately, though, they installed a couple poles in the middle of the jump spot that look like a major safety hazzard if you were to run into one, so we decided that spot wasn't fantastic. We then walked up to the middle school where Lindy said her group was, and Lindy told us that they were inside Alice's house because they'd been sledding for a long time and were too cold to do it anymore.

Note, this was after Mitch, Cece and I had walked around for what seemed like hours to locate Lindy and her group because they kept changing places, I continued to try and make plans work. We ended up meeting at the middle school in the long run after walking in a bunch of circles, but the hills were dull. Luckily, there was a road covered in perfect sheet ice that we could fly down, which turned out to be a complete blast. Once we got the group together it was Lindy, Connor Clayton, Omar Alvarado, Alice, Chloe, Mitch, Eugene, Cece, and I. It was actually one of the best times I've had in awhile flying down that road.

Some guy in a truck kept on driving past us, and we literally thought he was stalking us and some wanted to bail because of it, but it just turned out he was lost and needed directions to Dusty road.

I love this picture.

After sledding we went back to my place where I made everyone tea. Originally people were like "Ehh..." because the original plan was hot chocolate. Too bad we only had one packet of hot chocolate left.

Mitch and I making drinks. This was actually a great idea, who doesn't like a hot drink after being out in the cold for hours. It would be been better if it was hot chocolate and schnaps but two of the girls that were there were 15 and giving alcohol to a 15 year old is NOOO bueno.

Age isn't hugely important to me because I really just want everyone to have fun, but at the same time I feel very uncomfortable when girls that are actually younger than my sister are at my house. But hey they're Lindy's friends and as long as they aren't doing anything illegal around me then it's okay.

Mitch, Eugene, Cece and I (Cece was spending the night) all hung out after everyone left. I wanted to give Eugene and Mitch a taste of that vaporizor, as they smoked me out a few times over the summer and I owed them one. Mitch and Eugene seemed pretty blazed to begin with, but it was a cool end cap for the night. We listened to Perfect Circle, and I've GOT to buy some of their CDs. Mitch actually played along with them while we were sitting around, it was awesome.

Cece doesn't smoke, but she said she was fine with it earlier. Well, fine with it until her asthema takes over. But what doesn't make sense to me is how does she get an asthma attack from smoking fumes in the air yet doesn't when insence is burning next to her? Who knows. Anywho, I figured she'd be fine because a vaporizor doesn't make fumes particularily, though it smells a little wet, but it doesn't even compare to the smoke that comes off a full sized bong or even a spoon pipe. She was fine, but I sent the guys home around 11' so I wouldn't push it with my mom.

I have to admit, though I've heard some horror stories about some stupid things he's done, Omar is a fun person to hang out with and I am really happy he came. He really lightened up the mood with his random comments about conspiracies. Very weird.

Anyway, I need to do a little cardio before bed. I will tell you all about my experience with Jessika last night tomorrow. My nose is super runny and I should call it an early night.


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