Saturday, January 28, 2012

YOU GAY. 39.

I'm sitting here, a little stressed. It's 8 at night, me and this girl Heather had plans, and she's yet to give me a heads up what she's doing or get in contact with me all day. She said she got off at 8 and it's 8:15. : ( Maybe I'm stressed out for nothing, I mean Lindy said her thing started at 9 or 10... maybe I should study for awhile and try to chill. I just want things to work out in my favor tonight.

I played guitar for a couple hours today and yesterday, I've really been trying to get Lonely day done at full speed, and it's coming along pretty well I'd just give it a couple days.

I just scored the bombest tilapia. It tastes like bananas. Literally, it has a funny banana aftertaste. Mix that with coconut flavor shots, mmm.

Anyway. Apparently Jyle wants me to come out to his place and hang out with him and Will, and there's this party going on that guy High Tower's house. High Tower creeps me out and I don't want to see him. Sometimes rednecks are scary to me. I don't know why. I feel like I'm just a different type. Like... I'm the one that likes to get with her friends and get blazed and kick back, not get drunk and act crazy. So I'll just stay here in Benton city, I hope, and if all else fails I just really hope I do get ahold of Heather and get a chance to hang out with her tonight. If it gets much later she might not even want too. Ha ha, look at me I'm all paranoid that she'll flake out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay. Actually I've wished I WAS gay because of all the bullshit I've dealt with with guys but I'm definately NOT gay. Anyway, meeting a new cool girl to potentially start hanging out with is much more exciting for me than meeting a guy a lot of the time because I love having people to hang out with most of the time.

Though sometimes I don't know if I will ever fully trust men again in my life. I just never want to hang out with them anymore, aside from the ones that I'm really close too. I mean Robert, bah haha.

Foster the People is really good. I think I'm gonna buy one of their CDs one of these days. Even if they're super mainstream and everyone in the entire world has already listened to ALL of their music to death before me. I'm so out of style. : P


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