Tuesday, January 24, 2012

35. Feeling sick, so aimlessly researching.

This is gonna be a quick entry because I'm planning on going to bed here in a few minutes.

I'm sick; first time for the year 2012, how exciting! I went to school this morning just to get my accounting test back and take my Visual Basic test, which I doubt she's posted the grades for yet. I got an 82% on my accounting test. Not bad, I'll do better on the next one because I was a little nervous about it and found myself rushing when I actually had plenty of time. My main problem was on the multiple choice, but I did pretty well on my journal entries.


I've been reading about all these suicides by famous people. It's really interesting. Originally I somehow ended up reading all about Hitler's many women that he had relations with and how almost all of them committed suicide, which led me to this page above and I've just been looking up people and watching videos and reading articles.

I really should be sleeping. I took a mucinex and I'm starting to get really tired. Hopefully I feel better by tomorrow.


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