Thursday, January 19, 2012



I'm just in my room right now. Have been for most of the day today. I did 100 leg lifts and some arm lifts because I ate a bunch of bad calories like cookie sandwiches and junk like that. Not usually something I'd eat, but because of today's sort of funky, isolated schedule I've been sorta bored.

Anyone who knows my life routine might be wondering why I was at home all day. Well, CBC was cancelled today. This was sort of a blessing to me because I wasn't particularily prepared for my accounting test this morning.

Last night was fun. The concert was supposed to start at 6' but Tyler picked me up at about 5' in his big rig. It was still snowing outside, and the roads are frozen over with a sheet of snow. Tyler's four-wheel drive green SUV didn't slide at all the entire way. He's lucky to have that thing, even if it probably burns through gasoline really quickly. I was sort of blazed when he came and got me, but I doubt he noticed much. We talked a little bit about school and other stuff going on in our lives right now. Not much changes. Sometimes we subtley flirt with eachother but anymore I don't think either of us have that same attraction toward eachother. Well, he never really liked me that much in the first place. At least he didn't in highschool, a little bit more as we got older though. For the most part, though, me and Tyler's relationship has consisted of being of us arguing, then randomly making out, maybe having a decent conversation here or there, and then arguing again. Yet somehow, four years later, we're now closer than we've ever been friendship wise.

Anyway, I expected Theory of a Deadman to suck but they actually didn't put on a bad show. Their song order was pretty bad though... Like, they got the crowd going with their first song, it was really fast and uptempo, and after everyone had waited like, I'm not even kidding, FORTY-FIVE minutes for them to start up after their openning bands, everyone was in a pretty pumped mood. If they would of played upbeat songs the whole time it would of been a lot better. But instead, they played two sloooow ass acoustic songs back to back and were never able to get that same energy. By the end of the show I was definately ready for it to be over. Actually to be honest by the third song I was ready for it to be over but at the same time I really wanted to have a good time so I sort of forced it. But overall, yes, had a pretty good time and jumped around with a bunch of pissed off drunk rednecks.

I didn't see ONE person I knew there. There was the typical 16 year old girl groups that show up to all of these things, but the actual fans of the band were guys that reminded me of Chad Vaughn. Guys that look like they have 10 year old kids. People weren't very riled up though because it was a Wednesday. weird day to have a concert.

The lead singer seemed sort of gay. No, I don't mean in the derogatory sense because I never say "oh that's gay." I mean in the sense that he probably catches gay. I at least got that vibe, which is so ironic because his music is supposed to be so testosterone-y and you know almost all of their diehard fans are straight, white men. This actually reminds me of Rammstein. Till's totally gay and Rammstein has the same audience here in America.

Omg, I cannot escape the random IMs on facebook and it's pissing me off. Sometimes I just don't want to talk but I leave my messanger on so I can talk to Samantha or something.

And of course my computer almost freezes up right there.



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