Sunday, October 7, 2012

...Who doesn't accept messages from anyone?


Ha ha.

Good evening everyone. 

Man it's Sunday, which means this next week will be... hmm, I want to say Week 3 of classes? Pretty sure that's what it is. I'll try not to get *too* excited about the four hours of business class I will endure tomorrow. 

So get this I actually know the name of my stranger crush now. I woke up feeling pretty confident this morning and decided to add him on facebook, I mean we had seen eachother those few times and since I have over 1,000 friends on my list it's not that big of a deal. 

..He doesn't accept friend requests OR messages from anyone. Is it because there's tons of creepy girls out there stalking out his page? I texted my friend about this and he said, "Yeah, *bleep* doesn't really use facebook so he only accepts messages from select people." 

Well there you go. There's no way I could ever talk to this person unless I outright speak to him which I'm not gonna lie you guys, is not going to happen. I'm wondering if my friend has mentioned my asking about him.. probably not because this friend of mine probably doesn't want me talking to him because he initially liked me. It's frustrating, I feel very powerless in that aspect of my life and it's just an ongoing disappointment. 

I might hang out with Alex S. one of these days. She said she doesn't do much other than school and I can certainly relate so I'm excited to spend time with her. This weekend I didn't actually go anywhere at all, it's a little depressing. But I've gotten a lot of work done so that's a plus... 


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