Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ha, one week and I'm out of shape?

Or maybe my body is really exausted because I'm kind of sick. I think that's what it is. Maybe it's not a good idea for me to be working out tonight, but I just had a big meal from dairy queen and I think some exercise can help rev me up for my study session here in a minute...

Didn't get anything done today. It's 7:00 and not one thing is checked off my list. Jed came over last night at midnight after he got done studying. We ate some brownies, watched netflix, had a really good night. I've REALLY got to get some work done tomorrow and I'm hoping if I get to bed by 11 tonight I can feel better tomorrow than I did today.

But yeah, Jed and I had a really good time. After we hadn't talked in four days I thought I'd text him a picture of a tattoo I'm thinking of getting..

Isn't that amazing? It would represent a beginning of a new transition of happiness in my life due to the power of music and how much happier it has made me. 

I really need to branch out on the guitar though. I need to start learning to play new songs, even if they're just easy songs.. Every musician should make it a top priority to learn a wide variety of songs. Personally I've always focused more on the technical aspect because the process of finding new songs can be very frustrating. 

Anyway when I showed him the tattoo he was over pretty quickly. He's sooo attractive, I absolutely love being around him. I can barely remember anything we talked about last night. I now know he has a younger sister. He went to school in Silverdale, which is sort of near Bremerton I believe. He likes food "with gravy." Ha ha ha, like I asked him what his favorite foods are and he said "like.. stuff with gravy." 

I feel like I've told him a little about myself but we've barely scratched the surface. There's a lot I haven't told him just because you want to put yourself in the best light possible the first couple times you hang out with someone. I'm sure there's a lot he hasn't told me, too. It'll all come in good time if we continue to spend time together. I'm secretly really stoked about the time Jed and I spent together, even if I'm trying not to be too stoked because you just never know. I want to play things by ear and not make him feel pressured in any way. I don't want to rush into anything but the fact that I know he doesn't want a relationship makes it hard to trust that he's going to stick around in my life. . . so I try not to get attached or even believe that he has genuine feelings for me at all. 

Anyway gotta get some work done. Feel like crap so wish me luck. 

Completely dismantled bedroom...


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