Saturday, October 6, 2012

Met some new potential friends and guitar blah blah

Today's been a nice day of catching up with things. I feel sluggish because I did not leave the house today, I should probably work out.

Today was just the usual, though I was really proud of how much work I put into accounting tonight. Two and a half hours. The time was necessary though, that's the amount of time it took me to read the 5th chapter. It's all about factory inventories and calculating the costs based on volume of products, cost per unit, etc... I found it sort of interesting so I was able to finish the assignments somewhat easily. There's a good amount of formulas in this chapter that I'll have to remember, though, so it's good that I'm getting on that now.

I've been feeling much more comfortable in my two business classes now that I'm annotating the chapters. I figure if I annotate, I'll get a much better understanding then reading alone, even if I just read over the chapter once. Usually I'll read it over twice for good measures, like I've been putting off re-reading chapter 3 for three days.. I found that chapter really confusing.

Toast, guys. This tea is delicious and I had a good day. 

But yeah, today was really productive! I got my guitar done early, 2 hours of really solid practice... I actually worked on arpeggios today for 10 minutes, I was impressed. I hate practicing arpeggios now, they're a pain because I never see them in any music I play but I figure if I learn them now they'll be very useful when I someday do find a purpose.

I remember seeing Jacob do some pretty cool solo stuff with them when he connected pairs of shapes. I don't really get it yet to be honest, I've been slacking on  trying to improve my shapes on the guitar neck because I've been messing with songs and picking exercises primarily for the last month or so. I've wanted to get Phantom of the Opera done really bad but it's a difficult ass riff at the beginning to get just right. 

The iron maiden logos make me laugh. 

I don't take their lyrics and themes too seriously to be honest with you, I'm more into Iron Maiden for the quality of the music itself. The vocals are spot on, absolutely perfect. The fast pace of it all, the rush... I don't care what it's about, something about it speaks to me on a level I can't explain. 

On that note. Freaking, Hollowed  by Thy Name has been stuck in my head for 3 days, I'm debating if I should learn it. The riff is really good. I might as well, why the Hell not. I like playing their music, is a variety really necessarily if I know that learning there music will eventually help me achieve my ultimate purpose? My purpose is really to play music by Dream Theater but it's still WAY too hard for me. Iron maiden has similar demanding picking and speed but is much more consistent than Dream Theater. Iron Maiden follows pretty simple patterns for the most part. 

I've been messing around a little more with pulls. Good lord my strings need to be changed. 

There's this really sweet girl that I remember meeting back at Leah's ice skating party. She taught me how to ice skate. I can't actually remember her name, but I saw her at Central awhile back. I'd like to hang out with her sometime, she's always seemed pretty nice to me.

I'm also thinking about learning Electric Crown by Testament. Really good song, doesn't sound too difficult either. 

So I have a secret crush on a complete stranger. He doesn't know me at all. He's philipeno. He's an engineering major (the friend told me this) and he's one of the cutest guys I've ever seen here. That's all I know. It's unfortunately a touchy situation because he's a friend with someone I recently met. This person that I met told me that he liked me, but I told him I didn't want a relationship. In actuality I just wasn't feeling the connection between us, though I liked him as a friend and all. That's the main reason I've debated talking to him is because it's out of respect for my new friend. That and oh, I'm scared shitless of guys that I'm attracted too and would much rather they talk to me first because from what I've found in the past, guys that I'm attracted to tend to be players... I don't know what it is but I would just rather have a guy approach me so I know his intentions aren't bad. If I talk to him first it seems eager and creepy. 

Ha ha but he seriously has no idea who I am, I feel stupid even talking about it... We'll see if I actually ever meet him.

On a more important note! I did meet someone at the gym, her name is Sarah and she's beautiful. She's pursuing the same major as me so I'm looking forward to getting to know her, we'll see if she wants to kick it with me. She seems like she does her own thing for the most part, though she clearly has friends back home... But yeah, very pretty and tan. I'm very pretty and pale. It just sucks that we wouldn't be able to go to bars together until she turns 21 in March. Don't get me wrong though, she seems really intelligent and level headed too so it's not like I'm just looking for someone to party with. 

Here's another person I met, her name's Reina and I met her via the exchanged student speaking partner program. I'm so happy I signed up for that, she's very sweet! Her english is much better than my Japanese so we're able to communicate better than I'd anticipated. She's a really sweet person, I just hope to God she doesn't misunderstand some of my dry sense of humor jokes and think I'm actually being serious. I have to be careful about that sometimes!


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