Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Neat! I live close to a haunted "hot spot."

I studied for five solid hours today....

I only had to spend an hour on math, function graphs aren't terribly difficult after all. I actually skipped class this morning because I was tossing and turning all night because of the stress. It was awful... I thought the stress would have alleviated somewhat after hanging out with my new friend Kevin but it didn't. I just have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that my score on the test tomorrow is going to be a flat out bomb, I mean 30%.... THAT. Horrible. It was the hardest test I've ever taken and it's going to make the rest of this quarter a fight.

I know what I have to do now in that accounting class-- flash cards, flash cards, flash cards. I'm going to memorize the formulas to prepare for the test instead of memorizing the concepts. Even the concepts on the test though, everything felt so fuzzy to me...

Which is making me rethink participating in a certain habit of mine as frequently as I do. I'm going to cut back majorly in order to better retain this information that I'm trying to memorize every day. It just sucks, there really isn't a break from this nonstop study regime and now that I had a blow from that test it's going to become even more of a struggle to catch up.

The next accounting test is over chapters 13, 8 and 11. I'm working on 11 right now, dealing with turnover ratio and margins and how they relate to a manager's performance. I'm going to have to work so hard on these chapters to raise my grade in the class.

There's only a total of three tests with an optional cumulative final at the end of the quarter on December 5th. So technically speaking, if I completely f*cked this last test, which I'm sure I did, I can take the final and drop that low score. That means, however, that I will have to work extremely hard to RETAIN the information that I'm learning from the chapters. I think flash cards will help me a lot. I'm going to make flash cards for the old chapter's formulas too.


But it's going to take a lot of work. I'm going to set a mandatory study amount of four hours a day, including weekends. I'm hoping if I do this I'll be able to sometimes have Saturday open, like this Saturday for instance  Katelynn and I are going to the bars in Richland. This is going to be my first time going to a bar so it'll be interesting. I have to go back to the tri cities and see my family this weekend I decided, I get really tired of Ellensburg really fast.

Wow, I've only been here a month and I'm sick of Ellensburg? Okay, it's not THAT bad here... it's just annoying when there's nothing to do just like there's nothing to do in the tri cities. You see other students that are going to Western and they're always posting pictures of all the crazy, fun college nonsense they're going and it makes me wonder how the Hell they're keeping up with their classes with all those distractions. University classes go FAST. At least the ones I'm in, and I'm sure it's just as intense in other majors if not more so... I can only imagine the crap Jason is having to do right now. Physics makes me cringe.

So get this, while looking for a random picture of Ellensburg to spice up this wall of text I located this article:

I guess a girl hung herself from the rafters of the top floor when she got news that her fiance died in the war and there's been reports of hearing noises and knocking on doors. 

Here's another article on this. How eerie, that building never really stood out to me but now I'm excited to hopefully get a chance to go in and check out the top floor. Probably not this week because I broke my bike chain and won't feel like doing any extra walking but I'd like to get a chance to check it out. I don't know if I can walk into the residence hall without a key though. 

Bahh, it's 10:30, I've still got accounting to do before bed or I'm going to be bumming tomorrow. There was an ABSURD amount of homework even if we JUST had a test yesterday... ugh.


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