Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prissy prissy princess.

Well I had a fun weekend.

I went home yesterday evening to see my sister off to her last homecoming, visit with my parents, see Katelynn and more than anything just get my bearings after this hard week of poor health.

Here's Avery and Jimmy. Avery got homecoming princess. She went with Denae, Denae's boyfriend, Cora M., some cute date that Cora brought, and Denae's little sister. They took pictures out in the yard and I made sure to make a quick appearance and get a snapspot with Avery and Denae. I was just goofing around, holding a thumbs up in the picture and Avery is like, "Shut up... Shut up.." under her breath. Wow! Thanks for taking the air out of everything when I was just trying to have a good time! 

That's so typical of my sister though. Anytime I try to have fun she always acts like I'm acting out of line. No Avery, I'm not acting out of line, you're acting like a snob. Anytime I'd say anything she'd either ignore me or act like I was destroying her evening. 

I don't really care anymore about that, I'm happy my sister got her crown, woop dee doo. I think they're pretty happy homecoming is over, they had a pretty long cheerleading season from what my mom has told me. Katelynn and I had a pretty good time watching from an outside perspective. The dates always look so uncomfortable in their formal clothes, it's cute. I know the feeling though, I always felt super uncomfortable getting all dolled up and would usually rip off the formal garb the second I'd get home...

My Dad took me to Shari's this morning because he needed a ride to work to pick up a company car. He's going to Olympia for the next couple weeks. The visit with Dad went really well, I made him laugh really hard when I told him about my plans to get a cop car if my stratus poops out. He's been really generous with money lately, he's always helped me out when we see eachother because he wants money to be the last thing I'm stressed about... He knows how stressful these classes have been for me, too.

Yawn, I'm getting so tired... This next week should be interesting. No word from Jed all day today, who knows maybe last night is the last time I'll hear from him.


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