Saturday, October 27, 2012

This new Coheed CD. My sloppy review, hosting and more.

Wow turns out I really love hosting!! : ) 
This got 21 likes on facebook, I feel loved. Making Kickin' Chicken for Reina and I.

This morning I got up with the full intention of buying a brand new office chair. This one in my room has become one of the bigger frustrations of my life. Trust me, that's a good thing though because I'm not dealing with the previous health problems that I encountered when I first moved here. I've been eating healthy now, three meals a day, filling up on fruits and veggies, etc etc.. I've been feeling more confident in my classes as well. My studying for my legal class is paying off, today I pounded four hours (in increments! mind you I did do other stuff today...) of multiple choice midterm review. 

I had lunch with my friend Reina today! Friday is our day that we like to hang out. She had her midterms this week, and her speaking one was "so-so" but the rest were very easy. I'm excited for her living here in the US because she's doing a lot of cool stuff, like she's got a lot of Japanese friends and their always really making the most of their time here. I think it's admirable.

I'm making the most of my time here too, I'm hanging out with friends around here almost every day now at one point or another. People just stop in and we'll hang out, drink tea, play guitar, whatever! I'd much, much rather hang out with a small group of people or one other person and have a more intimate conversation then be in a huge group of people with tons of yelling over eachother going on. It's not really my style, I'd rather just hang out and talk and really get to know a person. 

So did I tell you guys that I met Casey a couple days ago? I can't remember. Casey lives downstairs from me, and he's been walking around Central with these cardboard signs directing attention his way. This is... VERY mainstream for Western or any other liberal college but at Central he really stands out. I didn't figure I'd be hanging out with him anytime soon until he posted a status saying it was ridiculous that we hadn't because he was just a few seconds down from us so I figured what the hell, come on over! Ha ha. 

Anyway, freaking.. Nice guy! He's a really good person, we hung out in my room and watched netflix for a bit and he plays guitar as well so there was a little jam session there as well, it was really fun. 

I'm always listening to Opeth lately. It's been satisfying me for some reason, I've needed some calm instrumentals to accompany studying for hours on end. But as you guys can see, I'm making strides to balance my study time with eating well, hanging out with friends, occasional pilates, guitar (duh).... And Jed. 

I don't really know how long Jed will be around though so I have to kind of let that sort of play out slowly. I really don't want him to feel pressured in any sort of way like Jason was and cut things off. I was okay with Jason and I cutting off though because Jason and I weren't really clicking. I had immediate doubts about Jason from the get go that I was trying to look past. 

It's not the same way with Jed at all though. Like I haven't had one doubt about him yet, his personality is awesome. He's really laid back, but surprisingly childish acting considering he's an engineering major. Like I figured he'd be sort of rigid and strict like Jason was (also an engineering major... They're usually "math guys," hahaha, you know what I mean?) but he's not at all...

Oi, yeah, so I'd rather not unintentionally make him feel like I'm pressuring him in any way. I'm not, I don't want him to rush into some relationship with me, I just want to be able to spend time with him and not have to worry about it. Like I don't want him to think that I am pushing him what so ever. 

Ha ha, he watches Vampire diaries. Isn't that ridiculous? Rich gay people and middle aged women watch that. 

Ha ha ha ha.... okay, nevermind, that's not that funny. Lots of people watch shows like that. I'm a weirdo who watches North Korean propaganda films for hours on end while I practice. I have absolutely no room to talk.  

Wow, it's almost three am. I took a really long nap today and it's getting to the point that even if I had a big dinner I'm hungry again. Shit, better make myself a roast beef sandwich.

You know any time that I make a sandwich for myself extremely late at night I think of that 600 pound woman Donna Sellers that would always make a stop at the kitchen to make herself sandwiches at night and most "normal" people don't do that. Something silly like that. I don't really think of it as abnormal. It's 3 am, I'm hungry, I'm going to eat a sandwich. I slept for a few hours during the day so I'm not going to be completely depriving myself of sleep when I go to bed tonight. Tomorrow morning I might sleep in until 9 or 10, then get up and running like usual. 

I really don't understand the new Coheed and Cambria CD. It's taken a little while to get accustomed to it. It seems like they're really going back to their progressive roots like In Keeping Secrets Silent Earth. I'm enjoying it a little. Once you get into prog metal sometimes more mainstream music sounds a bit too... "sing-y." I'm not saying Coheed doesn't define progressive in and of itself... but some of this music is really strange. Like you can't figure out what exactly the chorus is. It just sounds like verses and verses and verses telling some story... I don't know, it's really not my favorite by Coheed. 

Actually I would dare to say I find this album almost annoying. I haven't found a particular song that I like on it. Mothers of Men is pretty good I suppose... I just feel like this album was forced, like the fanbase was pressuring them so hard to come out with a new album that they didn't know what to do from there. Their last album, Year of the Black Rainbow, concluded this musical journey that will be legend in the progressive rock library for decades to come. 

But now that they are legends they are forced to respond to an incredible amount of pressure from their growing fanbase to create new material. So they create this album, "The Aftermath," which if it is as straight forward as it seems, is just branching off the old story. 

"Goodnight, Fair Lady" is actually the most popular song right now, it sounds so much like a different song by them but I can't pinpoint it. Vic the Butcher is pretty good, reminds me a little of My Chemical Romance though, really pissed-off teenager-y. YEAH LETS BURN IT DOWN! Ha ha. It's sort of fun though, listenable. I'll even put it on my favorite rock list... See if I like it more after I let it sink in after a couple listens.

Evagria the Faithful... Long intro. Yes, this extremely progressive. This song is actually okay, this might be my favorite song so far on this album even if it's the least popular thus far on Spotify. I think that's just how it is with last tracks of albums though, they don't get listened too. Most people get sick of an artist by the 11th song. It's still popular though, the whole album is of course because it's Coheed! All of their music is consistent high quality, I mean I've been listening to these albums for years. 

Just, yeah, I probably shouldn't tell Katelynn the extent that I dislike this album and how much I've tried to get adjusted enough to enjoy it these past few weeks.


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