Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 7, getting into the hardest part of the quarter.

I have a hell of a busy work week ahead. I've been starting my weeks on Tuesdays because that's the day that I'm usually in the know for what I have to get done in the next week. If I were to make one of these on Monday morning I wouldn't have known the exact date for my accounting test, next Monday.

This next accounting test is really important because if I fail this one I'm out of the class and it's too late to drop so I'd be stuck with a failing grade. That being said, I'm going to really make a point to study those flash cards, understand the concepts and formulas, and re-do those homework assignments. Burnadette, Natasha, Tiana and I are going to meet up and study sometime this week. Burnadette and I were considering meeting today but I'm not sure if that will actually happen. Either way I still gotta get that assignment done. Chapter 13 SUCKS but Natasha actually got some help from the professor yesterday so we were able to really figure out the assignments. 

The key is being able to do it without a reference, knowing what order to put those tables, etc etc.. As my task list says, week 7 is typically where you dig into the more difficult material of the course,usually have upcoming important tests to watch out for (if you don't already have one in week 7.. I'm my case I don't), etc. So wish me luck. I have to make sure I'm taking the necessary steps to do well on that accounting test or I'm pretty screwed.


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