Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Self spoilage. :)

So stoked.

I've wanted this product for a long time! I put a little on my arms a minute ago and I can already see a little bit of a difference. This girl named Tia who's an expert on self tanning said for me to exfoliate really good before using it, though, so I should probably hold off really putting any on until tonight after a bath.

The random money spending was triggered by finding a $30 target giftcard lying in my drawer from 2009. I held it in my wallet for about two weeks deciding what I REALLY wanted right now to avoid impulse purchases in the future.

I got:

1. Million Lashes voluminous mascara
2. Nivea lotion (obviously!)
3. Dark brown hairdye (6.99)
4. A slanted eyeliner brush
5. A flower hair accessory, black
6. oil blotting sheets (50)
7. Makeup remover clothes by Elf

This was all just barely over $30, I think I only spent $5 out of pocket so that was really nice. I'll have to thank my Grandma, even if the card is from three birthdays ago.

Japanese today was pretty annoying because we watched a TV show after doing our kanji quiz. Granted I enjoyed the break, but God the people in those shows can be so loud and annoying at times and it's nearly impossible to understand exactly what is going on. Their humor is a lot different than ours, but I was laughing a lot at certain parts. Idk, I just felt a little anxious sitting in there watching a show when I could be doing other things. I decided to make flashcards during the video and would randomly look up and ask Hannah about what was going on, I'm sure she enjoyed that, hahaha.

Today I haven't played any guitar yet but I'm gonna get started here in a few minutes after I grab a little snack. Haven't eaten hardly anything since this morning. I don't know if I've lost weight nessasarily, but I feel like my body has slimmed down somewhat this year. I was worried about losing too much weight unknowingly if I continue my strict eating habits so every day I try to eat something that balances it out. Maybe a few hersheys kisses and a couple mini peanut butter cups, or a handful of frosted animal cookies.

I try to eat as healthy as I can, but a lot of the time food just doesn't look good to me. I'll look in the cabinet, practically everything looks unappetizing to me, so I'll maybe make some cereal and eat as much of it as I can just to nourish my body. Granted, I'm sure if there was more easy access junk food around in my house it'd be a totally different story. My mom and sister just went grocery shopping yesterday and got all my favorites so I should be okay for a couple weeks.


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