Saturday, May 26, 2012

some weird fanatic metalhead.

So that guy that subscribed to my posts added me as a friend.

Turns out he's got a pretty serious girlfriend and Josie hangs out with him all the time. Nooo thank you, I think I will back from contact with this person. I've got no problem with Josie-- we respect eachother and don't give eachother shit, we just don't hang out and have some weird history. For that reason, I choose to stay out of her life and she does the same.

I hung out with Michael Z. for a bit today. Always nice to catch up with him. He's always under an incredible amount of stress with his parents pressuring him to succeed. It's funny, I put the amount of pressure on myself to the degree that an Asian parent. Ha ha, self motivation is key with my family because everyone is so wrapped up in their own business.

I love to talk to Michael though, he's so smart and understanding. He's a little intense at times though, like he almost intimidates me with the way he dresses. Like, his hair and clothes are always so freaking perfect and name brand, he's always super clean. It's admireable when a guy can dress like that because it's not common. Most guys are kind of gross with their habits and don't try at all. Trying now isn't really a standard because girls are so desperate with the continual texting. It's put guys entirely in control so the standards are lowered.

But anyway, Michael looked really pretty today! It was a nice visit, but I got so freaking exausted that I couldn't hang out for long. I felt bad because I really wanted to talk to him more and he did drive allll the way from Pasco. Man, I do so much more driving then most of my friends. But because it's normal to me, it doesn't really bother me much anymore. Actually with Spotify Premium now, the drive home is pretty enjoyable because I can listen to virtually any music I want.

I've been of course listening to a ton of Dream Theater, just like on my Zune.. except now it's public how much I'm listening to them and it makes me feel a little silly. I just turn on my Spotify premium every time I'm in my car so sometimes I like to listen to the same songs in the morning. Right now I've been listening to the Train of Thought album. It's incredible.

It's 5:00... I'll probably play guitar til around 10 or 11 or so and go to bed. No intention of studying Japanese tonight, because really who am I kidding. My brain feels fucking fried from work and I'm going to ask sensee if I can take the vocab quiz on Wednesday. I don't know if I mentioned this but I actually got scheduled on Tuesday to cover for Claudia. My schedule was all fudged up this next week but hey, extra $70.


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