Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kramer Assault 220, new guitar maybe

Iiiiiit's WEDNESDAY!

Week 5, check. This week was the first week of my second month of lessons. My minutes this week total: 1352 minutes, 22 hours 59 min. I'm pretty sure this is the most I've ever done. My poor guitar is sitting in the hot car right now probably getting more messed up. Oh well I guess, my Mom told me this morning that they might get me a new one as a graduation present because they never really got me a present for highschool graduation.

I think getting my AA is an achievement in itself, and deserves a present! :o) The present might be partially to myself though, like I might chip a little money in for it if it's expensive. A nice guitar sits at around $500. I'd love it if Jacob could help me pick one out because I don't know much about which ones are better than others.

Here's some guitars that I like. I haven't even decided what brand I want, i'm thinking Gibson and for around $500-$800. Of course if it's $800, i'd probably be chipping in $300 or so myself. that's an entire paycheck of money and will take FOREVER to earn back but it'd be totally worth it.

color wise i'm thinking either black, gray, white or navy blue. Nothing green or red or anything. i'm really sick of that stupid sunburst color.

Les Paul Standard, about $800. These are freaking beautiful but very expensive. Maybe this would be something i'd get myself after a couple years of playing... I can only hope that i'm not broke because of student loans two years from now. Anyway if I could ever find a deal on one of these, this would be my first choice. Not likely though.

Kramer Assault 220, about $650.
Not with this lining, but I really really like the guitar style itself.

In white, so pretty

This would almost definately be the one I would want. It's so sleek. That and I'm pretty sure it'd be in my and my parents price range.

Before I go, let me just say that I'm pretty grossed out by someone. I can't mention names because I wouldn't want his fiance and baby's mother to somehow get wind of it, but I got a text last night asking to hook up. I've never had sex with this person, but I did have feelings for this person off and on for a long time and I can't believe he'd try going behind her back...

Clearly, he must not be completely satisfied with her in some way. But I don't want to be the girl to be the one to ruin the stability of their relationship-- ESPECIALLY when there's a baby involved. I've never personally been the cheat-ee (from what I know of), but it would be horrible to have that happen. So regardless of the temptation there because I do find him pretty damn hot, I will resist it and back away slowly. I sort of bitched him out a bit last night for the attempt, and it sucks because I'm not against being friends with him at all.

Ugh, I find it very insulting when guys try to mess around with me behind their girlfriend's back. I never want to be that girl that causes that much pain.


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