Wednesday, May 2, 2012

practice log for week 3:

Day 1, 4/25: 190 min
Day 2, 4/26: 75 min
Day 3, 4/27: 290 min
Day 4, 4/28: 185 min
Day 5: 4/29: 220 min
Day 6, 4/30: 219 min
Day 7, 5/1: 220 min
1399 min
23 hours

Nice. : ) Though again I don't know if I've actually improved since last week. How sad, haha. Hopefully once I get through all this mechanical stuff we can get into learning some songs... All of the exercises that i've been doing have been cleaning up my tone quite a bit but right now I have nothing to show for all the practicing I've been doing because I still haven't memorized very many songs.

Alright I gotta get out of here, in the library and I'm getting anxious.


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